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basic profile.

name — kanyenot, val, hotcakes, sam

ACTIVITY RATE — Here for actual roleplaying but I'm busy so I'm also really slow, not here for just chat 


Pet Peeve(S) — Being ignored, when people talk and they don't know me personally, my sense of character or honor being questioned

current face claims & biases — BTS's Jimin, Park Jihyo, Alexa Demie, Danna Paola 

me, me, and me. 

style — I tend to do a lot of inner monologue for my characters. I prefer to be quite detailed regardless of what pov I am using, though I must admit for third person I am a lot slower. I get really tired of basic characters or people who don't deliver to the plot, because I feel burdened with the responsibility of making it exciting. Where as a lot of people will tell you they're losing muse, I'll often drop off the face of the earth. If I don't respond in five days, I've either lost muse or I'm busy -- and under no circumstances do I appreciate pokes. 


PM rping — I tend not to do it because I get really forgetful, and my muse is way better when I'm at an rp with multiple people BUT when my muse runs high for a certain type of thread, I'll accept pm requests. Right now I'm accepting anything medieval related or game of thrones related. So PM requests are open. 


ADVERTISEMENTS — I'm not accepting advertisements AT ALL unless they are medieval themed, game of thrones themed, pokemon themed, harry potter themed, or we are friends. DO NOT friend me just so you can advertise. I will not accept it.


Current rps

say — jimin (taken), jihyo (single), alexa (single)  link

converse — jimin (single), alexa (single) : college student link

olympus — jimin/zeus (single) link


RP tidbits

personality — My male characters tend to be on two different spectrums -- they can either be thotty playboys who break hearts or chivalrous boys with lots of honor. My women tend to just end up like me in different degrees. They're usually independent and mouthy, not afraid to throw in a little spice. I don't enjoy one dimensional characters who don't keep you wanting to come back. That can either be girls or boys that are too nice and normal, or that are too y and rude for no reason. These are the characters that I find hardest to rp with, to the point where I won't respond anymore. 


last messages.

friends — If I know you and we hit it off or talked a lot in an rp, feel free to friend me! I'm always looking to reach out to friends I've lost because of time and distance.

mood — Feeling the need to conquer things, hence my fascination with GoT plots

House(s) — Slytherin, Targaryen, Leo

thank you for tuning in 

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