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Prefers yuri-only rps and all orientations rps with all povs allowed

Don't add me as a friend for advertisement; The only exception to friend me is if you know me from any RP(s) I am in before.

If you guys are being a ing  towards me or my friends, YOU'LL BE BLOCKED AND WILL BE VERY SORRY

About Me

Miko || 97 Liner || Leo - Ox || Aspiring Business Worker || 

- Characters I Roleplay as -


Yeri (Red Velvet), Umji (GFriend), Jinsol (April), Park Sooyeon (Ulzzang), Kim Nahee (Ulzzang), Son Hwamin (Ulzzang), Kim Shinyoung (Ulzzang), Do Hweji (Ulzzang), Vivi (Loona), Ryu Won (Actress), Kim Jungyeon (Uzzang), Son Yunju (Ulzzang), Kang Hyeyeon (Ulzzang), Park Hyemin/PONY (Youtuber), Lee Saerin/Kasper (Rapper), Choi Heechu (Ulzzang), Han Jeongjoo (Ulzzang), Gowoon (Berry Good)

Men ( ONLY RPs & Entertainment AUs for now)

Mao Haodong (Ulzzang), Hwang Jinuk (Ulzzang), Jun (A.C.E), Chan (A.C.E), Sanha (ASTRO), Kim Taehwan (Model), Roh Jihoon (Artist), Kim Taehwan (Model), Yang Woohyuk (Ulzzang), Dino (Seventeen), Holland (Kpop Soloist), Hakoda Shusaku ​​​​​​ (Japanese Ulzzang), Byun Wooseok (Model) 

**Bold means mostly**