Personal Message


Hewo, it's Miko. I am also known as Mikhun in this site. Feel free to call me either one if you like, I respond to it.

I prefer yuri and -only rps because let's all spread gayness, peeps, plus I am a fan of them too. I'll occasionally join all-orientation rps, but am uncomfortable playing straight- character though because I get really awkward with it. I'll do whenever I feel like it. 

I mostly write 1st pov in script, but can do 3rd pov in semi-para. I don't mind doing both plotting and winging-it, but I mostly winging-it.

Please don't add me as a friend because I am NO longer accepting new friend requests anymore due to trust issues.

We all have our own lives in OOC (working, schooling, etc.) and get busy, I too get busy sometimes because I have part time job and do errands.

Block mefor all I care, I'll just block you back

RPs that I Am Uninterested in:

  • Straight ONLY rps
  • Historical AU
  • Brothel AU
  • Non-AU
  • Office AU
  • Gang/Mafia AU
  • Superhero AU
  • Poly AU
  • Seasonal RPs
  • Rps who have rules that are too strict

Roleplay Rules & Pet Peeves

  • Treat me how you want to be treated or you'll be sorry
  • If you are uncomfortable with my characters and their backstories, then don't ask to rp with me
  • Don't ever try to start IC Drama with my characters WITHOUT my consent, I hate it when that happens
  • I don't mind brainstorming with you; it would be appreciated if you have ideas of your own to share and I do the same
  • PLEASE do let me know if you are not interested in our plot anymore so we can stop there
  • I understand you have OOC life going on and owning replies to other people, but ghosting me like I don't really exist is not nice (it really hurts my feelings)
  • I appreciate the apology and am not a type a person to forgive easily, BUT do not constantly ask me to forgive you because I want myself time to heal and spend time apart from each other..I am sure some people are the same way too
  • If I am gone for more than an hour or offline from the site, then it means I am working or doing some errand
  • I tend to taking a rest at times after I finished with replies
  • Has the right to refuse to rp with someone who block me/if I block them even we have reasons why
About Me

- Characters I Roleplay as -

I prefer to play UNDER-RATED groups so no asking nor telling me to play the popular ones like Blackpink, BTS, and so on.


Yeri (Red Velvet), Elina Karinova, Kim Nahee (Ulzzang - knhs2), Lee Jina (Ulzzang -, Son Hwamin (Ulzzang - hwa.min), Ryu Won (Actress), Roh Kyungjoo (Ulzzang -, Nam Soomin (Ulzzang - suminzz), Song Hanhee, Park Hyemin/PONY (Youtuber), Lee Saerin/Kasper (Rapper), Do Hweji (Ulzzang - mayolluvia), Choi Heechu (Ulzzang), Kim Sohyun (Actress), Sihyeon (Everglow), Han Jeongjoo (Ulzzang - control.ive), Jung Yunji (Ulzzang - vecnexz), Choi Yura (Ulzzang -, Suyun (Rocket Punch), Juri (Rocket Punch), Oh Jieun (Ulzzang - gini_s2_), Han Yeseul (Ulzzang - melting_seul), Kim Seoji (Ulzzang - seoji72), Claire Estabrook (Model), Yang Yoojin ( Ulzzang - soocolor), Lee Soobin (Ulzzang - sooviin38),

Men ( ONLY RPs)

Kang Yongjin (Ulzzang - dei8ht), Hwang Jinuk (Ulzzang), Jun (A.C.E), Sanha (ASTRO), Kim Taehwan (Model), Roh Jihoon (Artist), Kim Taehwan (Model), Yang Woohyuk (Ulzzang), Dino (Seventeen), Holland (Kpop Soloist), Yuvin (MyTeen), Kentarô SakaguchiYusuke Hida (Japanese Ulzzang), Byun Wooseok (Model), Naito Shuichiro (Actor/Model)

**Bold means mostly**