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babes ; 

golcha 9 seconds ago 

yes, be trash for me and i'll be trash for you.

i. nayeon [A] (minswoon) 2 seconds ago Reply
literally i've always loved yuto's rper ever since converse 2.0 opened, my heart's always happy ;;

minatozaki sana (eristic) 42 seconds ago Reply
the world isn't right if kyun's user isn't kyun s hakes smol fists

jeon wonwoo. (eristic) 14 seconds ago Reply 
wikihow to not be gay for bittersweet bby

jeon wonwoo (soulbabe) 3 minutes ago Reply
chang i wub u ur my pwatonic souwmate y e s

hwang hyunjin (stussippe) 4 minutes ago Reply
hyun and kyun, together we make car

myoui mina. (struggling) 3 seconds ago Reply
BitterSweet will forever be my precious bubbie, though. ehe. ♡

jung jinsoul. [A] 39 seconds ago Reply 
what is this dynamic between honeymocha and bittersweet i

jung eunwoo. (hornymocha) 12 seconds ago Reply 
my name is eunwoo and i have smol
sana is short and gyu is tol!
they're both really special,where do i start
deep down there's a place for them in my heart
i need to tell you something, my bittersweet boo
ahem, i just really love youuuu! 

jeon wonwoo. (eristic) 1 second ago Reply 
bittersweet is my baby no matter what huzZaH

sawai anna  59 seconds ago Reply 
no one rps as i.m like you do

kim jongin (espial) 2 minutes ago Reply
you won my love so i added you

wonwoo j. () 30 seconds ago Reply 
bittersweet is my bub i secretly luv her shhhh donut tell her that thohhh


things to note ;

g. ariana 7 seconds ago Reply
i like to think i'm a loyal hoe to those who decide to befriend me








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