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you danced in white here. may you dance in white forever and ever.

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updated 26 february 2018


alex, shem, miah.



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04 november 1998





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one little brother


jen (!!! ily, sheesh) nanakins, rue, zedd, mary, noelle, minedy, ro, ashkay, dotter(jan), rani, maddie, ash, nush, hannah.


depression & stress

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detailed first and third.

pov preference

both are welcome in different circumstances.


tinashe - no drama.mp3

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provide link here



updated 00 month 0000

hello, hello. the name's shemmiah alexandria, but you can call me alex for short. i'm from trinidad and tobago, and i've been on rpr since 2012. i was supposed to leave last year, but my friends kept me. i'm sure the day when i leave will come eventually, but for now i am content.

i don't join very many rps recently because i'm quite busy, but if you ever see me around, feel free to say hi. i'm not mean or standoffish, so i will respond. if there's something i don't like, too, i'll tell you personally.

will be majoring in english literature, linguistics and education (it's a hybrid degree). should also be learning japanese and refining my french in the days to come. my life is a bit boring because i find it to be the most simple when it's like that. oho. my username, chienno, is a play on my past account's username - doggos. 'chien' is french for dog, and thus 'chienno' = doggo. i love doggos and kitkats. if you have any pets, send me their pictures. i will make them my phone/desktop wallpaper for a time, trust me.


personality / quirks

updated 00 month 0000

personality type INTJ

Likes floofs, dancing, singing, art, makeup, sweets, food, myself, horoscope hullaballoo, jeonghan, and taemin very very much.

Dislikesdishonesty, stress, feeling sad.

Hobbies makeup, drawing, dancing.

Secrets it's not a secret if i tell you, wyd.

Fears i fear fate.

The Quirks Fun Facts About me.
— i have a slight lisp when i get really excited.
— i also stammer when i get excited, ha.
— i really like puns. my characters tend to make 'em a lot.
— lies, deception, fraud, trickery, corruption™
— o w o what's this? triggers me.



updated 00 month 0000



date: from various dates oho

message: y'all are too much

jo haseul 30 seconds ago Reply
kiko mizuhara 3 seconds ago Reply
if I ever marry jimin
it’s not bc jimin is jimin
but bc jimin is chienno and I love j

justine b。 19 seconds ago Reply
christian y。 16 seconds ago Reply
jennie k。 20 seconds ago Reply
would drop it low for chienno's eloquent writing
would drop it low in general for chienno
ic ooc everywhere wow
I lov chienno
but bih sleep

#neverforget2018 13/02
jooheon l。 [A] 1 minute ago Reply
OTL ㅠㅇㅠ
o-o-omona h-how a-am i making you shy oppaaaa?
/blushes, stomped.


rp rules

updated 00 month 0000

ONE. no godmodding/metagaming.

TWO. long replies come once per day. 

THREE. poke me only after four days.

FOUR. i do all genres, though anything romantic should be very loosely plotted unless otherwise specified. 

FIVE. private rps are fine.

SIX. semi-literacy is required.

SEVEN. if you're facechasing, don't make it too obvious. although i'll know anyway, it's fine once you're not pushy/forceful with it.


special messages for friends 

updated 26 november 2018


too many usernames for me to even- lol.

i love you very much. even if we may not always see eye to eye, it will not change our friendship (for very long, anyway. you know how i am, i may sometimes need to cool off or think.)i've known you the longest out of all my current friends on rpr, and that says a lot about us. let us continue to forge our bond in the fires of mutual hmc and seventeen appreciation. oho. 


murasakibaracchi. hope i got that right.

i'm ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, LITTOL BEB. THANK YOU FOR BEING ONE OF THE MOST FUN PEOPLE TO HAVE AROUND. YOU'RE SO adorable and sincere. IT MAKES ME ARTHUR MEME at all times. though your life may be riddled with difficulties, it is my hope that you remain strong through it all. i know you can do it. i have the utmost faith in you.



ALTHOUGH YOU ARE A NEWER FRIEND, WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN THROUGH A LOT TOGETHER. YOU WRITE SO WELL AND HAVE THE BEST IDEAS. I WILL CONTINUE TO GIVE YOU ADVICE AND COMFORT WHENEVER YOU NEED IT. i love you. i didn't add that in because i tell you everyday but this paragraph was looking a little dry and u, ur jimins and ur females make me wet. 



HENLO. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, MY SOFT MOCHI BAB. YOU HAVE A VERY GENTLE SOUL AND DISPOSITION, AND I CAN ONLY HOPE THAT YOU DO NOT CHANGE. BUT stop letting people take advantage of you. i do not want to have to add murder to my list of transgressions. :< also???? why??? are you??? so cute???? what a doll, tbh. the flutters of your eyelashes cause hurricanes in my heart--- lmao lemme stop.



your progression into taemin trash has been a journey witnessed with much merriment on my part. you're another sweetie that is very precious to me. thank you for being so very understanding, i really appreciate it. i've passed the taemin cap to you, so keep making me proud.



your daily check up is something i have come to anticipate. i'm never disappointed, and for that you have all my gratitude. you're another great writer. i look forward to our new encounters in rps. 



strong, beautiful, kind. these are the adjectives i have come to associate with you. i really hope things look up for you soon, too. keep your head high and your eyes forward, and i promise you that great things will come your way. guaranteed. 



the cutest cute to ever cute. <3 i live for our phone calls and your daddys lmao 
also, keep fking it up in your dps fam ( it up kenny.mp3)
your writing makes me nut whenever i am blessed with the opportunity to witness it.  you're really important to me, please take care of yourself and i hope you continue to experience success with your schoolwork and dancing and everything else. i love you bb. <3



hELLOOOOOOOOOO. i wish i could condense all of my positive emotions toward you in one nice paragraph but i cannot. all i can say is i'm glad lubro and jeongbro happened, because we f i n a l l y started talking and wowee - you're amazing. <3 thank u for marrying me as well i am honored to have such a bootiful wife. don't tell your boyfriend, though. bigamy is against the law and whatever. i love you and your plot bunnies already! <3



you are a precious human being, and i'm glad i got the opportunity to meet and speak to you properly you in g2g! continue studying memes, they get you far in life. i'm also convinced that we are merely extensions of the same body bc wow what in similar - you're another person i clicked with instantaneously. i like u bro, let's continue doing bro-ly things. 



HONESTLY TERRIBLY SORRY THat it took so long for me to put a message for you here. i love love love rping with you. thank you for always GETTING ME EXCITED ENOUGH To write novella length replies with your amazing plots and writing, for fangirling with me over anime and our characters, and for encouraging me to dive into bnha hell. you've definitely been a muse of sorts for me (the starter i made for jeonghan for you in the demon rp inspired me to begin my first consistent story), and i appreciate your influence more than you know. good luck bub, grow up well and send me all your stories k thx bai



updated 26 month 0000

*MAIN MUSE* ー yoon jeonghan
zhi jian xing ye/wan yihua
tinashe kachingwe; don't really rp her, but i nut when i see her.
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mood 56%


muse 72%


writing quality 48%


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