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hi hi, you can call me peek or just go ahead and call me the name of whichever muse that you know me best by. i created this account back in 2013, stuck around for a little while and then literally just left for a good couple of years. it wasn’t until last year that i made my comeback, and i’m glad that i did for i’ve found great joy in this platform. i’ve met amazing friends and supporters, created wonderful plots and started doing edits again. it’s been good.
these days i’m rather busy, either with work since i’m not currently in lockdown and it’s a mess out there, or just struggling with myself. i wish that i could be around more, but right now i’ve been needing a bit of distance. if we’re going to rp, or if you’re one of my friends and we already have plots and threads, i hope you can be understanding of this. if i’m pressured then i will slowly back out of the room, i’m sorry.
i generally don’t check out new kpop groups, kind of just sticking with the ones that i already love. other things i enjoy is drawing and editing, cooking, reading and writing. makeup is fun too. and interior stuff. i have an unhealthy relationship with coffee. 
if there’s an issue, please bring it up with me and i hope were able to come to an understanding
things on rping
i generally prefer aus over nonaus, just because i’m not a fan of chats unless it’s ooc. i like to create stories revolving around my characters, and i like heavier plots that contain some sort of character development. when it comes down to genres i tend to drift towards angst more often than not, but i am open to try most things. i do however stay away from crack and that kind of stuff in legit threads, save it for the chat. and as for i am down for it if you and your character is of age and it makes sense for our characters to get it on.
as for muses i only really stick to the same ones, for i am the most comfortable with them. if you know me then i think you already know that my main muse is byun baekhyun, followed by oh sehun and lee taeyong. i would love to start trying on new muses too, especially females for i haven’t rped one in ages. we’ll see.
i’d like to think that i’m pretty flexible when it comes to writing style. i can do para, multi and even novella if i have enough muse and time on my hands. i’m most comfortable with 3rd pov, but can easily do 1st as well. i generally try to somewhat mirror lengthwise. i may get carried away sometimes and get back to you with something massive, that just means my muse is thriving and i gotta catch it when it happens. i don’t do one liners unless it’s ic chat/lounge type setting. i like to keep a conversation and discuss my plots, just to ensure that we’re both on the same page. if i drift towards something that makes you uncomfortable, a certain topic or anything like that, please bring it up to me for i do not want to trigger anyone.
i generally take some time to reply, for i am a busy person. then i also focus on actually providing good replies, rather than to rush through them. if we rp i would expect the same from you, for i don’t want to spend loads of time and on a reply and then get a ty one back. i don’t post anything unless i’m at least somewhat satisfied with the result. that being said, i do sometimes fall off the radar. if you’re waiting for a reply it’s okay to nicely ask what’s up, just don’t bother or pressure me for a reply, i hate that.
all of this being said i would like to also point out that english is not my first language, i am swedish. on certain days i forget how to english, simple as that.
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