Personal Message
don't advertise nonau. make yourself known before adding me. #blacklivesmatter #noexcuses #prayfortheworld  #loveislove  #useyourvoice.  If you've ever advertised to me I'll advertise back regardless of your rules. If you're lookng for a rp to join, join illmatic. here is my layout gallery only on rpr. If you block me you're getting blocked and forgotten. sometimese I'll disappear for days only for the fact that i want to be alone. It happens increasingly. I like aus. i'll pm rp if you are ready with a plot only 3rd pov tho. I'm cautious about meeting people so don't expect an insta-friend. don't bring your Negativity to me. Be responsible for your own drama. If you live Life as a perpetual bystander, then don't expect a friend from me. I'm a caring person, not a nice person so don't expect pats on your back for being a fool.

maybe i could tell you some things bout me. meme gang strong. i read a lot of books. i watch a lot of shows. I'm always working. I like puppies. hate rodents. Scifi. space. i likes art. 80-90s. hiphop. r&b. soul. funk. jazz. adventure is my favorite genre for rp. I don't like rps based on animes... that's a small market.  NO , no , No violence against women. Umm.. ok.