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oana / stephanie. 95 liner. Rp-er. 
Proud TO BE AN army! 
can't explain how i feel
seriously these guys made my such a easier way of being happy, everything about these guys is perfect, they complete one another so well, is just the harmony between these guys is just simply perfect, i swear. can not even control my feelings whenever they release something new, it is crazy how attached I feel to their music. p;
Lu han
precios little deer.
guys, have you seen such a complexity in one single person? I haven't to be quite honest, cute yet handsome, y yet innocent, girly yet manly, adorable yet hansome, and then bang, you are mindblown. His voice, his lyrics ( in lu and madals // crying; ) his moves, the passion an everything, just do mesmerizing!
jiro wang / show luo.
two amazing y f—kers.
show luo, is the funniest idol I've ever seen, honestly, and damn hi looks and acting skills. Jiro wang sake he is a ball of perfection, body, voice acting, dance everything is dope! excuse me while I cry.
INTRODUCTION: hello beautiful stranger, I GUESS you are curious about me, well, I am surprised, I AM NOT much of a interesting person, I Am a fluffy ball full of awkwardness who loves series, kpop and roleplaying .
KOREAN POP: I am very proud to be in ARMY, I am a huge bangtan stan, really, ever since they debuted they seemed really different and talented, and up until now, they have never dissapointed me, so if you are in ARMY hit me up and lets drown in feelings. other groups I like are red velvet, got7, aoa, monsta x , fx, ikon! baes be killin' me. I also love tao and lu han, LOTS .
MOVIES: nowadays I am very much into supernatural ( the series ) , doctor house ( series ), any korean, japanese , taiwanese drama Or movie, I would love to share opinions on these, really !
ROLEPLAY: unfortunately, I only roleplay as female idols, only straight, sorry lovelies , please do not advertise o my wall, any kind of only roleplays. I love angst like alot, the more insane the plot is the more it, if you like it too, hit me up so we can come up with a super insane plot. also I love , drama and fluff, so I am pretty much open for anything. do not be shy to HIT ME UP if you want to PM ROLEPLAY, I am very open to any plot, as of the POV I do third , and detailed first.
OTHER IDOLS: I also am a huge fan Of : akanishi jin, yamapi, rainie yang, oguri shun, miyavy, and many others. HIT ME UP, LETS TALK ! I need friends x u x ❤
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