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a genderfluid girl who doesn't mind what pronouns are to be used on them. she/her? he/him? they/them? it wouldn't matter much. they lean into their masculine side more than their feminine side but prefers to be on the neutral side.



Getting to know who i am.

Fun facts about them.
— a big fan of seventeen, markiplier, jacksepticeye, john mulaney and trevor noah. stan all my boys, they need the love and support please.
— takes in sketching/drawing as a hobby but graphic designing as a passion, hence i make a lot of moodboard and other graphics.
— meme and pun enthusiast, i appreciate all kinds.
— obsessed with the color black, cats, strawberries, matcha, milktea and aesthetics.

their beloved.


The one they give their heart to.

junhao (svt's jun & the8)

4ever ultimate biases & otp

stan chinaline please


roleplay guidelines.


The typist's notes and guidelines.

ONE my timezone is gmt + 8, i'm active when i have free time and it seems like it's all the time but i get busy too at times. my replies varies from muse and mood, also i'm a bit biased, i apologized but i can't help it, it depends on my muse and mood.

TWO my main muses are xu minghao (the8) and wen junhui (jun) in males and as for female i only have muse for jung eunwoo. i have alter muses too but that's a long list, let's say i'm flexible to try and be anyone and anything as long as i managed to click on their vibe.

THREE nowadays, i don't think i want to join many roleplays since i'm focusing more on my own roleplay. but i'll join if i'm interested especially if it's an au roleplay. i only join straight or all orientations, i can't or yuri only to save my life.

FOUR flexible in writing, i also mirror styles to match up. i prefer 3rd pov over 1st detailed pov just because i can be more creative and actually detailed but for 1st detailed pov? i mean i can but it's hard for me not to cringe, it's only because i'm more used to 3rd pov, don't be offended please, rip.

FIVE flexible in genres too, i wouldn't care much if it's light or heavy but romance and depends on my mood and muse, i want it to go either natural or heavily plotted, i'm just too picky when it comes to this, lmao. also no unplotted or non-con ic drama, i''l drop you like a hot potato.

SIX plot over wing it, we can wing it once our main plot is settled, also please don't hesitate on giving out your ideas, i'm open for anything. don't poke me, i know if i replied or not but feel free to drop by and remind me after 5 days of no reply, i'm forgetful sometimes.

SEVEN if ever my chara had done something you didn't like, approach me on pms, don't make it into a drama, we can settle this easily. same as ooc, if you have something you didn't like and you think it's wrong about me, then tell me straight up.

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Hey my gender neutral milk tea loving asparagus uwu
this is a diphave takeover xD
just here to take over this smoll part of your wall becos i love you mucho much! :D
i hope you dont mind uwu
you're my favorite person in the whole wide rp and world uwu
my favorite person to be smooth to as well uwu
i love yer soff uwu
so much uwus for you becos you deserve them! >:D
baby shark du du du du du uwu coos
lets chill with milk tea someday uwu
i wuv yew asparagus uwu