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call me occu/noct.
timezonegmt + 8
preffered pov3rd pov
about me
+ previously nocturn but now its my second account, lmao not really more like 4th or something like that i lost track. and hey call me occu, orca, death senpai (okno) or even nocturn/noct cuz as someone said "once a noct, always a noct".
+ gmt + 8 but nowadays i'm only active at night, yes naega death and nocturn for a reason.
+ prefers 3rd pov when actually roleplaying, conversations? i'm fine with any. length? uh i can do semi-para, para and maybe sometimes multi-para.
+ muse is on and off so when rp-ing with me, you should be patient enough cuz my mood and muse is all over the place.
+ nowadays i only join non-au and semi-au rps but i don't mind au rps as long as its either straight only or all orientations, i wouldn't live long in and yuri only rps.
+ i multichara and multiaccount in a rp if i'm comfortable and dimmed to be active there. did i got the faceclaim you wanted? i'm willing to cc and give them to you even if they're main muses unless they're in a rs.
main muse, sub-muse
seventeen - xu minghao (the8), wen junhui (jun), jeon wonwoo, kim mingyu, boo seungkwan
wanna one - ong seongwoo, ha sungwoon, yoon jisung, park woojin, bae jinyoung
ikon - kim jinhwan (jay), song yunhyeong (song), kim hanbin (b.i)
nct - yuta nakamoto, lee taeyong, kim jungwoo
nct dream - lee jeno, park jisung, huang renjun
stray kids - yang jeongin (i.n), felix lee, kim seungmin, lee minho (know), bang chan
victon - jung subin, han seungwoo
monsta x - chae hyungwon, yoo kihyun, lee minhyuk, lee jooheon
got7 - choi youngjae
winner - kim jinwoo (jinu)
b.a.p - yoo youngjae
b1a4 - gong chansik (gongchan)
boyfriend - lee jeongmin
i.m - kim kijoong


pristin - kim minkyung (roa)
clc - chong tingyan (elkie), jang yeeun, oh seunghee
dia - jung chaeyeon
blackpink - lalisa manoban (lisa), jennie kim

why would you even wanna stalk my wall? previously nocturn
hi i don't recommend sending a friend request without us talking directly at rps, cuz i'll ignore it rip


About Me

everyone shut up, junhao is the realest thing.