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♡Pre established relationship or blooming romance including pillow forts, baking, and sweets with movies!
Maybe some tears because thunder storms
♡ caught in the rain after school and no umbrella, so muse A sneaks under Muse B's, since their's had lots of room. muse a is grateful, so they head to a cafe for a treat!
♡ I brought a chick (or a different animal of your choice) to school, you have to help me hide and raise it-
♡ our friends are s and locked up in the closet to make us sort out our feelings for each other
♡ you work Part time at a cafe, and I think you're really cute. Everytime you ask for my name for my cup, I just give you a pickup line, which pisses you off. But, you still manage to look super cute to me.
♡ you always read at the library, but you left your jacket. Since you come here everyday, I thought I'd return it
♡ You always read that one book at the library, but you never check it out. I thought I'd leave my number in there with "I think you're cute!" Secret admirer
♡ I'm super pissed that you keep stealing apples from my tree, but you turned out to be the cutest thief? But, now we're all cool and we have picnics in my backyard
♡my dog ran off and he really seems to like you, and I kind of do as well
♡ fighting over the last pack of chips at the market, but ends up sharing it on a crappy bus bench, as they wait to go back home
♡ I spilled my Starbucks coffee all over you at the book store, I'll buy you a book- just please stop screaming in pain! Weekly meetings happen after and soon they fall in love (special confession!!)
♡ I was just walking by the choir room to get to my band class, but holy you have the nicest voice. Now, I'm going to your concerts, and I just ran into you after it's over
♡ CUTE summer aus with the beach!
♡ picnic at the beach, collecting shells, melted ice cream tub in the basket, swimming and snorkeling! Sand castles!
♡ I was bored and went to watch a horror movie, but the stranger next to me has a death grip on my hand, and I would yell... but, they're really cute.
♡ I was picking up my little brother from day care, and I didn't know you volunteered? He seems to really like you, and apparently he thinks we're cute together. Suddenly, he just confessed my feelings for you, and I just want to die
♡ we both don't have prom dates because we're too awkward to ask each other, but there's a slow song and... are those stars in your eyes?
♡  We decided to be the obnoxious couple in the shark tank, but did I mention that we're only best friends and I might have feelings for you?