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call me amir or nush.
twenty two • gmt -4:00 • roleplayer • coder
hi all! to give you a quick and dirty introduction, i've been into kpop since 2010, starting with bigbang/suju. i did not become a fanfiction-loving fanatic till later because i was riding my high on anime for the time. i joined asianfanfics in 2011 as a reader, then became an author. in 2013, i found roleplay republic and joined march 31st, 2013. my past usernames can be found in this blog: here.
this section talks a lot about how i got into kpop. for a better idea of how i roleplay, look at the roleplaying rules!
i don't support sm entertainment's company culture, but i've fallen for every group they've pumped out: starting from boa, and continuing down the line: db5k/tvxq, suju, snsd, shinee, f(x), exo, red velvet, and now nct. but there are many groups that i love, new and old! a lot of the time, i keep up with kpop through rpr, if i'm being really frank. i don't follow groups on my own time, because a lot of that time gets put into art or real life commitments. 
having said all of that, with a specific focus to roleplaying, i love roleplaying. i rarely write fics and need a way to keep up my writing: i do all that and more through roleplaying. it's exciting to have a partner to write a story with because every reply is a surprise: i couldn't have written it in the way they chose to write it. i likely won't give up roleplaying anytime soon, and i love to build au's and characters. the more complex, the more muse!

pretty easy to follow.
no crack rp's please: only serious non au's, semi au's, and au roleplays.
any orientation will work. i'm less inclined to join yoai, but i will check it out.
post advertisements either on my wall (if my profile is open) or in blogs where i ask for roleplay recommendations.
— lastly, include descriptions of the roleplay. it doesn't have to be the full description but, at the very least, the basic "au/non au?" and the pov.
no poking please: i lose muse pretty quickly with this. i will let you know if i am not interested in our plot, and i hope you can do the same. i generally will reply once a day, and then take 3-4 day breaks when muse is not that high. that break helps me balance real life with roleplaying!
communicate: the best plots that i've had are ones where me and my partner(s) have been equally excited. tell me what you're excited about, what you are not excited about. if you want to change faceclaims or au's, i totally understand because muse is fluid. just tell me.
try not to mix ooc and ic: i cannot stress this enough, please. i understand that feelings ic can affect feelings ooc, but i would prefer you communicate that with me rather than taking it personally and acting on those feelings. i roleplay and try to detach myself from my character, and i understand not everyone has done that. always know that my characters' actions are separate from my actions, and do not reflect my beliefs.
roleplaying preferences:
i roleplay straight couples most often, sometimes, and rarely yuri. i am comfortable with if i am in a rp, but otherwise it takes a while before my characters get into it. i try to play female characters: frankly, sometimes it works but most times it doesn't. it is heavily dependent on the au and the partner i am roleplaying with!
i do not always assume that our characters will . i kinda just take it easy, and let it burn slowly. i also do not always assume romance; often i just aim to form a friendship bond and then we'll see from there where things go!
i love to plot and wing, but i find that i have more muse for winging. plotting gets me a little anxious, because i know i can go off the walls with plotting, trust me. it's better for the both of us if i just keep it lowkey ahaha.

actively searching for new faces: hover for names, click for full image.

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