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alayne, micro
october 6th
warming food
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c'est moi

that is an excerpt from a story i was brainstorming a little while ago, and i think you can already tell what kind of person i can be. but anyway, hi, i'm alayne, micro, or trash. call me whichever you prefer, but most usually address me with micro. 
hello, super soft nct enthusiast, passionate about literally everything in the world, pro microwave, extreme edgy meme, very passionate about literaly anything idol producer bc my heart. yuehua boys are my rememdy thank you. loona extremeist. i'm also just really soft and ok. 
making friends
if you've talked to me or if we've gotten along relatively well in an rp, send me a friend request! i likely haven't sen you one because i think you don't actually like me bc i'm that kind of person. but hey, i love friends so hmu
periodical love

whomstyuehua trainee
dateLorem ipsum
this is a section for ever changing people i adore but it's fine it's whatever. anyway, hi this is fan chengcheng from yuehua entertainment. he is fan bingbing's brother and i love him with all my heart and soul. please appreciate and support my baby ok thanks bye.
major muses (no particular order)
minor muses (no particular order)
status with rps
i'm not in many rps lately. i'm usually in 1-2 at a time, and that's only because i'm super attatched to them. 
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luda. 9 seconds ago Reply 

when micro is famous you all are going to wish you were the first to rp her

kim hyunjin. [A] 19 seconds ago Reply 

micro is literally the cutest
i love her so very much

m. meiqi [A] 27 seconds ago Reply 

it's impossible not to love micro tbh

c. xukun 33 seconds ago Reply 

[ ] i told myself i wasn't going to join rps and especially not nonaus but damn it micro i can't resist u