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my memeries!
welcome to soonyoung usernim's dump
soups harmless e 25 seconds ago Reply 
and i'm not talking abt ic bc you're like a friend of mine here ? ? and i don't even hv your other contacts sdfg
kang daniel 51 minutes ago Reply 
whe n samuel transformed to sungkyung but still writes non coherent stuff i love you still soonyoung user nim
lee daehwi 33 minutes ago Reply 
wtf soonyoung usernim it's past 12am go to sleep D;
kang daniel 34 minutes ago Reply 
kang daniel 31 minutes ago Reply 
lee daehwi 32 minutes ago Reply
soonyoung usernim its 12:12 am wyd
lee daehwi 32 minutes ago Reply 
soonyoung usernim j ebAL
kang daniel 3 seconds ago Reply 
sends hearts to soonyoung usernim
kang daniel 42 seconds ago Reply 
when lami loves danny and jisung squints at danny 

claps soonyoung x parsley
jeon jungkook [ h ] 24 seconds ago >Reply 
soonyoung's layouts are so niceu me likey
kang hyunggu 20 seconds ago Reply 
i feel like i lose brain cells reading soonyoung user's drunk typing
may j. lee 23 seconds ago Reply 
bae sungyeon 26 seconds ago Reply
uhh soonyoung usernim has layouts -

g di i should check it out, soonyoung is awesom h ng.


park junghyun 41 seconds ago Reply 

minatozaki sana 11 seconds ago Reply
soonyoung usernim 
marry me jk

minatozaki sana 43 seconds ago Reply 

electrap × soonyoung 
other ships are sinkinf

choi yujin [A] 5 seconds ago Reply 

soonyoung aka new face who dis

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