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RULES in posting in my profile

I only have a simple rule, I opened my profile for anyone to post your ads and I expect the same to you. I will delete your ads if your profile is closed. ^.^


About Me

❦Knightmare Island❦ 

Dear Human, 

Many tales have been spilled about our secret island. How HUMANS and KITSUNE are kidnapped and brought here as SLAVES, auctioned off to the powerful creatures you have only thought were once myths you read about, curled up under your blanket at night with a flashlight in hand, scaring yourself silly. DEMONS and INCUBUS, SUCCUBUS and WITCHES, ANGELS and SIRENS, VAMPIRES and WEREWOLVES, HYBRIDS and DRAGONS, ELVES and ZOMBIES also join to the party. They are very real, and very much alive, forever seeking to cure their insatiable animalistic hunger for human flesh. Put your life into the hands of our accursed dice to decide which you will be. After all, only one number binds you in chains. The others, you choose your own DESTINY. So how are you feeling... LUCKY? 

✔All Orientations
✔Any Characters/Internationals
✔AU themed
✔Both POV

We're waiting.

❦Knightmare Island❦