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ahn jaehyun • "POPS" [sh] 6 days agoReply
@park kyungri ;; i will stop with the puns

eunbabys breath [A] 41 seconds ago Reply

i love tinyhani 
give her love 
all of your love 
she deserves it
she's my mom, she's my no. 1 ; u ;

choi yewon 5 seconds ago Reply
tinyhani my mom i love you ; u ;

lee jieun [A] 1 minute ago Reply

mom, you're my anchoring bundle of joy that keeps me stable and happy and i just want to cherish your beaming glimmer that you always portray because oh my, this is / my / mom right here -- mine mine mine : D

jung jeffrey 7 seconds ago Reply
ily mi rus hoe ♡

jaehyun j. 2 minutes ago Reply
gently blooshes like a real man @ hani

jaehyun j. 51 seconds ago Reply

you know what hani- i dont like k girls but the way you rp them makes me think again and slowly fall for you platonically

— jung jaehyun [A] 23 seconds ago Reply
slams fist against the wall
yxgurt loves tinyhani

jung jaehyun 33 seconds ago Reply
trips and falls for tinyhani

nakamoto yupe 45 seconds ago Reply
tinyhani aka cophine is my ideal type no joke

jung jaehyun ( h ) [A] 1 second ago Reply

smacks a cucumber sticker on sungkyung's forehead

for my favorite pickle

jung jaehyun ( h ) [A] 5 seconds ago Reply


— goo hara 16 seconds ago Reply

tinyhani turns everyone yuri

oh seunghee 1 minute ago Reply
lee jieun 1 minute ago Reply
i love duckhee seven days a week

my love for you is not tiny and is filled with honey ♡

jeon jiwoo [A] 10 seconds ago Reply

no minwoo [A] 37 seconds ago Reply
c oughs softly tinyhani is indeed daddy

park subin 22 seconds ago Reply 
Cophine is such a babe