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Tae is tru homie

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ali is my saving grace

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when u wanna bone all of alicia's charas







// mama-papa satoori's bedtime stories \\ satoori1232 [A] 4 hours ago
of course it was a popup o u o only the best for you, baby ;; w ;;
e . e g rabs another book and opens it up, clearing my throat 47253748 times before starting
ok so this is a story about how kook was a lil bit of an exhibitionist /just a little biT/ and absolutely adored teasing tae when they were in public or around the other members e w e /bc i'm a for exhibitionism don't @ me/
he'd whine in tae's ears when they were in practice about how he wants him, wants tae to pin him against the mirrored wall right then and there and him in a whimpering mess.
or when he got the opportunity to wiggle himself into tae's lap in the dorm's living space, members all scattered around watching a movie while the two youngest were on the couch, kook would purposefully grind the curve of his into his daddy's crotch /bc he's a bad bOy, gotta be a bad bad boy okno bYE/ and complain about tae being a prude
but oh o u o was he wrong
he first warned kook to get off of him, pinched his hips in an attempt to have him squirm away. when none of that worked, he leaned in and whispered against the shell of kook's ear, "get off or daddy's gonna have to punish you"
but kook didn't, acted as if he wasn't intimidated by the warning and rolled his hips downwards, a smirk tugging at the corners of his tiers, "no. i want daddy to show me my place."
"your place is bent over my knee if you don't get off, doll."
a nd one thing led to another /i love NOt giving you details randomly you're welcome ♡/ and tae was dragging kook into another room, not even caring who's it was and forcefully guiding kook to the bed while fully undressing him, grunting under his breath an order for the younger to get on his hands and knees. and kook did so, propped himself up on his elbows so once he was fully unclothed, he could entice the other with a wiggle of his hips 

1/2 /e u e/

satoori1232 [A] 4 hours ago
the dip of the bed under tae's weight had kook's head craning back to see, partily annoyed at his boyfriend for being clothed excluding his shirt, sunkissed skin glistening and lean muscle distracting kook for a moment, the only thing reeling him back in was the first smack delivered to his , forcing a gasp out of him. more easily followed in quick succession, tae's large palms leaving a blooming red hue over kook's cheeks.

then they did the diddly doo da
tHE end! c loses the storybook and kisses your cheeks
i went overboard oopsies o u o you wanted it-



KINKS: ing, denial, begging, biting, marking, , toys (on occassion), , mild breathplay, spanking, master/slave, , shaming, roleplaying, gagging, collar/collaring, voyeurism/exhibitionism, mild humiliation/degradation, worship, groping, hair pulling, snuggleing, clothed , shower



== nov'16 Results from == 
88% Dominant 
80% Rigger 
79% Primal (Hunter) 
77% Brat tamer 
74% Switch 
71% Master/Mistress 
71% Sadist 
67% Daddy/Mommy 
67% Masochist 
66% Vanilla 
65% Rope bunny 
65% Submissive 
64% Owner 
62% Experimentalist 
58% Brat 
58% Voyeur 
58% Exhibitionist 
52% Degrader 
52% Primal (Prey) 
44% Girl/Boy 
41% Ageplayer 
36% Pet 
33% Degradee 
32% Slave 
17% Non-monogamist


== feb'17 Results from == 
97% Dominant 
94% Rigger 
91% Master/Mistress 
90% Brat tamer 
85% Primal (Hunter) 
77% Owner 
75% Daddy/Mommy 
72% Voyeur 
65% Degrader 
64% Sadist 
59% Experimentalist 
59% Vanilla 
55% Exhibitionist 
51% Switch 
46% Rope bunny 
42% Masochist 
27% Submissive 
19% Ageplayer 
17% Primal (Prey) 
17% Brat 
9% Degradee 
9% Slave 
8% Girl/Boy 
6% Pet 
4% Non-monogamist


== june'17 Results from == 
100% Daddy/Mommy 
99% Primal (Hunter) 
99% Dominant 
97% Ageplayer 
96% Master/Mistress 
94% Sadist 
92% Degrader 
87% Rigger 
74% Owner 
71% Exhibitionist 
56% Masochist 
55% Vanilla 
54% Rope bunny 
48% Voyeur 
47% Experimentalist 
37% Degradee 
31% Slave 
25% Switch 
8% Boy/Girl 
5% Submissive 
3% Brat 
2% Primal (Prey) 
0% Pet 
0% Non-monogamist
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