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hall of self-positivity:

✦ hyunjin h. 27 seconds ago Reply
yukhei's writing isn't even towards me and i blushed while reading

♡ : ten l。ᵈᵘᵐᵇᵉᵃᵘ Oct 1, 2018 7:17:31
wheezes ok hi
i know it's weird to contact you here of all places, but i didn't know where else to go and i just wanted to get this off my chest and tell you some things
but more a confession about how i think you're cool and i've always wanted to rp with you
we haven't been in too many rps together, but i'm hopeful that we might find one we're both in and find one where we have enough muse to want to rp and stuff
might be weird, but i find you charming when i see you around in rps, and i'd like a chance to rp somewhere and someday if you're interested
you can ignore this and go about your day if it's a bother ;;;; and if it IS a bother then khfuikdfnk sorry to disturb you, but yeah- i don't find many people that make me want to rp with them, and i figured now is as good a time to bring that up as any

blinks Aug 23, 2018 5:00:07 Reply
you're my lucas
and im your mark

corruptin_the_living 3 hours ago Reply
Squints at *******. I love that idiot.

❁ Hansol 1 day ago Reply
tae's most bottom chara would prolly still smash my most top chara and Thats A Fact

Jung Hoseok 1 minute ago Reply
@Kim Taehyung *grips your shoulders and leans in all close to your face*
I. love. your. hoseok's. so. much.
*presses my face on your face*
ur my fav hoseok

antigen 1 hour ago
flatteeerrsss u bc your hobi is perfectly done

self-love 7 minutes ago
ya know I h8 you but I love you so much wtf

jung seungbo [A] 13 minutes ago Reply
why am 
i always so whipped for anthony's characters

Jᴇᴏɴ⏛ꀡJᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ 14 minutes ago Reply 
triggered now I have an insane urge to bottom for you wtf get me out

♦ Kim Sungjoo 52 seconds ago Reply
Tae is tru homie

♥ Chan 23 seconds ago Reply
*** is my saving grace

♥ Baekhyun [A] 1 minute agoReply
when u wanna bone all of ******'s charas







// mama-papa satoori's bedtime stories \\ satoori1232 [A] 4 hours ago
of course it was a popup o u o only the best for you, baby ;; w ;;
e . e g rabs another book and opens it up, clearing my throat 47253748 times before starting
ok so this is a story about how kook was a lil bit of an exhibitionist /just a little biT/ and absolutely adored teasing tae when they were in public or around the other members e w e /bc i'm a for exhibitionism don't @ me/
he'd whine in tae's ears when they were in practice about how he wants him, wants tae to pin him against the mirrored wall right then and there and him in a whimpering mess.
or when he got the opportunity to wiggle himself into tae's lap in the dorm's living space, members all scattered around watching a movie while the two youngest were on the couch, kook would purposefully grind the curve of his into his daddy's crotch /bc he's a bad bOy, gotta be a bad bad boy okno bYE/ and complain about tae being a prude
but oh o u o was he wrong
he first warned kook to get off of him, pinched his hips in an attempt to have him squirm away. when none of that worked, he leaned in and whispered against the shell of kook's ear, "get off or daddy's gonna have to punish you"
but kook didn't, acted as if he wasn't intimidated by the warning and rolled his hips downwards, a smirk tugging at the corners of his tiers, "no. i want daddy to show me my place."
"your place is bent over my knee if you don't get off, doll."
a nd one thing led to another /i love NOt giving you details randomly you're welcome ♡/ and tae was dragging kook into another room, not even caring who's it was and forcefully guiding kook to the bed while fully undressing him, grunting under his breath an order for the younger to get on his hands and knees. and kook did so, propped himself up on his elbows so once he was fully unclothed, he could entice the other with a wiggle of his hips 

1/2 /e u e/

satoori1232 [A] 4 hours ago
the dip of the bed under tae's weight had kook's head craning back to see, partily annoyed at his boyfriend for being clothed excluding his shirt, sunkissed skin glistening and lean muscle distracting kook for a moment, the only thing reeling him back in was the first smack delivered to his , forcing a gasp out of him. more easily followed in quick succession, tae's large palms leaving a blooming red hue over kook's cheeks.

then they did the diddly doo da
tHE end! c loses the storybook and kisses your cheeks
i went overboard oopsies o u o you wanted it-



KINKS: ing, denial, multiple s, begging, biting, marking, , rimming, face ing, hyung kink, facials, frottage, thigh ing, toys, double penetration, , mild breathplay, spanking, master/slave, , shaming, roleplaying, gagging, collar/collaring, voyeurism/exhibitionism, humiliation/degradation, worship, groping, hair pulling, snuggleing, clothed , shower , aftercare








== nov'16 Results from == 
88% Dominant 
80% Rigger 
79% Primal (Hunter) 
77% Brat tamer 
74% Switch 
71% Master/Mistress 
71% Sadist 
67% Daddy/Mommy 
67% Masochist 
66% Vanilla 
65% Rope bunny 
65% Submissive 
64% Owner 
62% Experimentalist 
58% Brat 
58% Voyeur 
58% Exhibitionist 
52% Degrader 
52% Primal (Prey) 
44% Girl/Boy 
41% Ageplayer 
36% Pet 
33% Degradee 
32% Slave 
17% Non-monogamist


== feb'17 Results from == 
97% Dominant 
94% Rigger 
91% Master/Mistress 
90% Brat tamer 
85% Primal (Hunter) 
77% Owner 
75% Daddy/Mommy 
72% Voyeur 
65% Degrader 
64% Sadist 
59% Experimentalist 
59% Vanilla 
55% Exhibitionist 
51% Switch 
46% Rope bunny 
42% Masochist 
27% Submissive 
19% Ageplayer 
17% Primal (Prey) 
17% Brat 
9% Degradee 
9% Slave 
8% Girl/Boy 
6% Pet 
4% Non-monogamist


== june'17 Results from == 
100% Daddy/Mommy 
99% Primal (Hunter) 
99% Dominant 
97% Ageplayer 
96% Master/Mistress 
94% Sadist 
92% Degrader 
87% Rigger 
74% Owner 
71% Exhibitionist 
56% Masochist 
55% Vanilla 
54% Rope bunny 
48% Voyeur 
47% Experimentalist 
37% Degradee 
31% Slave 
25% Switch 
8% Boy/Girl 
5% Submissive 
3% Brat 
2% Primal (Prey) 
0% Pet 
0% Non-monogamist
About Me
wong yukhei | lucas

why is it so hard to find a picture for this kid i -
newest muse and addition to my bias list. idk how long my motivation for him will last but for now i'mma milk it for its worth. if you know me i usually rp as strictly tops (save for the few switches every now and then) and lucas is no exception. however, to side step away from my solely dom streak, lucas is a versatile (i.e. dom/sub) top.

jung hoseok | jhope

this is a muse list and while he's 1/2 of my ult biases, he isn't a big muse of mine anymore. like, there is more likely of a chance that i'll have a muse for taehyung/v these days than hoseok, but in those small spurts of motivation to rp as this beautiful man, oh boy do i embody all that is the holy sunhine jung hoseok. so while he isn't currently one of my biggest muses, he still lingers around in my mind and heart.
More often than not will i play him as a dom top, sometimes he'll sub out for the right yoongi though. m a y b e.

nathan chen

how he got on this list still boggles my mind to this day. how i'm attracted to loud boys who i wanna er punch in the face but also pet and pamper will never make sense but damn here we are. he's chinese and a champion. that's it. that's the story. it's nearly impossible for me to not to love him.
he's my bi guy (technically all my guys are bi when it comes to all orientation rps but shhh), he's a top as well. but like - probably the weakest top i have. he's the exception to my love for rping tall men.

son seungwan | wendy

i hated her then i loved her and now i'm still disappointed but also in love with her. she's so talented and so cute and so quirky and so funny and istg, she swooped up and took my heart with her incredible vocals. she's my only consistent female muse, meaning that if i'm in any case in that rare mood of rping a female 89% of the time it will be wendy. she's mostly my straight(tm)  girl but she can have her bicurious tendecies.

kim taehyung | v

more or less my eternal muse. i may have slowly waned off the bts train these days, but there's always that feeling that rping as taehyung will immediately pull me right back on it. taehyung was my longest running muse and has repeatedly come dangerously close to being my ult bias. (un)fortunately it hasn't happened yet, but that doesn't mean he still isn't a big integral part of my rping life.
he's a strict dom top, like nothing and no one will change that for me (don't take that as a challenge pls). especially when it comes to vkook, top!tae is the only way to go sorrynotsorry.

name here

A message or something would go here. Can be as long as you want it to be. Just hit enter for a new line. Pictures can also be any length you desire. Just have fun!

name here

A message or something would go here. Can be as long as you want it to be. Just hit enter for a new line. Pictures can also be any length you desire. Just have fun!

name here

A message or something would go here. Can be as long as you want it to be. Just hit enter for a new line. Pictures can also be any length you desire. Just have fun!

name here

A message or something would go here. Can be as long as you want it to be. Just hit enter for a new line. Pictures can also be any length you desire. Just have fun!

I became absolute kpop trash in 2012, and my first favorite groups were super junior and shinee. I am currently obsessed with exo, nct, BTS, b.a.p (forever kings in my heart hallelujah praise jesus), redvelvet, and probably more but my mind is meh at the moment. my ult group is exo because damn all of those bois know how to hit home *insert single tear drop*. My ultimate biases - plural because i have two - are kim jongdae and Jung Hoseok, because they're both such talented and humble godsends. i love my kings and i'd up anyone that dares disrespect them. My runner-up babes are mark lee and wong yukhei bc they're such cuties (especially together).

I will probably be found rping as males since that's just been my preferred muse these days. I will rp as the occasional female if I have enough of a connection with someone, but it's been so long since I've rped as a female (despite being female irl) that it's become too much of a rare occurrence and instills an unnatural feeling.

I do write , but mainly in 1st pov (I can barely 3rd pov regularly, and imo writing is the hardest fcking thing to rp). My limitations in terms of relationships are more or less nonexistent. Guy x Girl; Guy x Guy; Girl x Girl, probably. I've never rped yuri before (because I don't rp as girls) but if I had I'm sure I wouldn't be against ting in that relationship either.




male muses.

actors: lee jongsuk ; nam joohyuk ; park bogum ; lee hyunwoo ; wang bowen (chn) ; god (thai) ; copter (thai) ; tee (thai) ; singto (thai) ; new | newwie (thai) ; tom holland (uk) ; noah centineo (usa) ; ong seongwoo
astro: moon bin ; park minhyuk | rocky
athletes: nathan chen (USA) ; boyang jin (chn) ; shoma uno (jpn) ; lim sungjin
bangtan: kim taehyung | v ; Jung hoseok | jhope ; jeon jungkook
b.a.p: choi junhong | zelo
day6: kim wonpil
exo: kim jongdae | chen ; kim minseok | xiumin ; park chanyeol
golden child: lee jangjun
got7: jackson wang ; mark tuan ; im jaebum | jb ; park jinyoung
imfact: lee sang ; park jeup
infinite: kim myungsoo | l ; jang dongwoo
models: nam yoonsu
nct: wong yukhei | lucas ; mark lee ; zhong chenle ; dong sicheng | winwin ; seo youngho | johnny
seventeen: kim seokmin | dokyeom ; kim mingyu
sf9: kim seokwoo | rowoon ; Kim inseong
Soloists: kang daniel
stray kids: bang chan ; kim woojin ; kim seungmin
uniq: li wenhan ; cho seungyeon | seungyoun
varsity: jung seungbo ; anthony lo ; wang xinwi
wayv: wong kunhang | hendery

female muses.

actresses: maryann porter (thai) ; lana condor (usa)
athletes: maia shibutani (usa) ; karen chen  (usa)
bestie: song dahye
blackpink: lalisa manoban ; jennie kim
choreographers: may j. lee ; lee yoojung
gu9udan: kang mina
kard: jeon somin ; jeon jiwoo
models: xi mengyao | mingxi
redvelvet: son seungwan | wendy ; kang seulgi ; park sooyoung | joy
wekimeki: kim doyeon


otps: vkook | v x jungkook ; lumark | lucas x mark ; johnjae | johnny x jaehyun
: sope | suga x jhope ; yoonmin | suga x jimin ; namjin | rm x jin ; taegi | v x suga ; vhope | v x jhope ; vmin | v x jimin ; jihope | jimin x jhope ; jj project | jb x jinyoung ; markson | mark x jackson ; yugbam | yugyeom x bambam ; rockbin | rocky x moonbin ; xiuchen | xiumin x chen ; dopil | dowoon x wonpil ; dotae | doyoung x taeyong ; yutae | yuta x taeyong ; johnyong | johnny x taeyong
hetero: bmin | bm x somin ; chendy | chen x wendy ; wenyeol | chanyeol x wendy ; dowoo | doyeon x eunwoo ; docas | doyeon x lucas


fun fact here.

fun fact here.

fun fact here.


they're so darn cute together don't @ me. i used to be a hardcore luwoo supporter but the 99ct vlive wreckt my soul. n e ways, stan markcas, stan nct.



hey hey. most know me as abi these days so feel free to address me as such if you think we're close enough ooc. if not, then calling me by any of my characters' names or my u/n (this including my old u/ns) is fine too!


gmt -4 / est. online times are sporadic, it usually depends on the day, week, and time of the year. basically, don't pay attention to the online sign, it's a fake.


one-liners are meant for fast paced nonau chatrooms (which i'm not a lot in these days). so no one-liners please pelase please. you get what you put in, and so if i'm giving effort i expect the same in return. quality over quantity.
i rp both 1st andd 3rd detailed while my replies often range from semi to multi-para, rarely ever novella anymore.


i don't have an extensive vocabulary and my grammar is mediocre at best. but i will try my hardest to give out quaity enough replies and hopefully make them coherent enough. though fair warning, i do most of my replies at night over mobile when i'm half-conscious, and by then do not be surprised if you find a spelling error - or two. maybe more.


most likely won't be accepting friend requests unless we have talked extensively ooc. being on good terms in the same rp is the best way to get on the path of friendship!


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of bruises and band-aids.

lucas x mark, high school!au, romance, drama, [open]

mark has always been that "good kid." an upstanding citizen, a respectable son, and a model honor student. granted with a clean record and numerous academic awards in his honor, there isn't a person who doesn't see mark in a favorable light. lucas is the opposite. rough, rowdy, and loud. he was held back a year for too many absences and abysmal grades.  he has a reputation of being called to the principal's office on the days he does come into class. so how do the town's innocent boy and infamous gang leader come to meet? it started with a simple kind act that led to an unfortunate circumstance. mark just trying to live up to his "kind boy" title didn't realize that the consequence of his actions would leave him with a stubborn guard dog who now won't shake off his trail.

let's make a deal.

lucas x mark, fake dating!au, college!au, romance, [open]

due to an event of unplanned circumstances, the campus Casanova and star athlete, Lucas, is left needing to convince the popular online novelist and blogger, mark, to date him. what could go wrong?

can't hide the truth.

wendy x chanyeol, romance, drama, [open]

red velvet's wendy and exo's chanyeol are company colleagues in the public eye, but best friends behind the scenes. their friendly meet-ups are secretive, often cautious, and not without thorough planning. up till now, they've been able to hang out without a hitch, however, one fateful night, on one fateful slip-up, dispatch catches them in their act. [tbc and finished].

highway to heaven.

johnny x jaehyun, romance, angst, fluff, [open]

guardian angel jaehyun aimlessly roams the earth, lost and without purpose or memories. he cannot recall whom he was assigned to look over nor what happaned to his destined human, all he wishes to do now is find a way to return to heaven. however, when he crosses path with aspiring photographer johnny, suddenly his ambitions and concept of "home" begin to shift.

Scenario Title Here.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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