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former usernames: blackpearl996, sushi-addict, lau_meili, -songmeili, offset-
current roleplays:
biases & characters
Ultimate Bias: Chungha & Jennie & Nako
ultimate fandom: a.r.m.y.
ultimate boy band: bts
ultimate girl band: blackpink
other biases: suzy, hyorin, hwasa, jessi, hyosung, rose, minzy, cl, hyuna, momo, ailee, jungkook, jimin, rowoon, mingyu, bi, donghyuk (DK), wooseok, kino, guanlin, lucas, jb
other fandoms: blackjack, hottest, 4nia, mine aroha, play girlz, elvis, pink panda, vip, blink, fearless, everlasting, cheshire, ujung, aid, insomnia, exol, meu, buddy, daisy, sone, igot7, danjjakn, hello cupid, light, ikonic, inspirit, joyful, kamilia, hidden kard, moomoo, merrygoround, monbebe, say a, miracle, universe, high, reveluv, garnet, rose, carat, fantasy, shawol, star1, elf, queens, sunnies, once, wannable, innercircle, wonderful, unme, woo u
player 1: jennie kim
player 2: kim chungha
player 3: yabuki nako
players tba ...
Likes & dislikes
likes - characters desired are available, welcomes outsiders, equal balance of crack and actual roleplaying, neatly organized rps, plotting, crack chat rooms, detailed semipara styles for serious roleplay

dislikes: facechasing, user chasing, inner circles, one liners, rude & selfish users see yourself out tbh;
Location: atlantis
timezone: pacific standard time,/pacific daylight time; gmt -7
activity: 10/10
genres: anything really
writing style: 1st and 3rd pov; para/semi-para/multi-para