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this beautiful drawing


was made by my father


honey mocha ;u;






basic information




past uns

sagittarius, umbrella


tony the tiger lskdjfals



writing style

detailed, mirrored

writing length

semi-para to novella

preferred pov

3rd but 1st works too

about me


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out of character


ONE. I'm on when possible and not always on when it says I am.

TWO. Detailed writer who loves to both plot and improvise, but prefers plotting over anything.

THREE. I normally ignore my wall, especially if I'm talking in rooms. If you send me a message, eight times out of ten, I'm responding late.

FOUR. I usually reply 2-4 times a day depending on the length and muse.

FIVE. i'm a full time student so don't be mad if it there are times when i just don't respond, i might be working on assignments.

SIX. feel free to add me as a friend! i'd love to get to know you ic and ooc

SEVEN. but always remember! ic and ooc are two different things.

out of character






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