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♦ current muses : : males ♦

♦ current muses : : females ♦

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i've got chains and you've got wings
ooc stuff
• my chara is my chara, anything he or she does or says isn't how i am as a person ooc
• i mostly do 3rd detailed para to multi para replies. 1st detailed is ok but I'm rusty?
• gmt -5/-6
• don't mix ic and ooc with me, like i said, i am not my chara so don't be afraid to speak with me
• If we're in an RP, please PM me to plot since i use walls specifically for chatting and rping. I will usually have "pm to plot" somewhere on my chara profile.
• i don't like drama, unless scripted. Drama turns me off and makes me lose my muse
• i don't mind being poked for replies, but i do try to reply in a timely fashion. So poke me if i haven't replied in 24 hours.
• I'm a bit slow with replies as well, so please be patient with me. If you see my in the chat but not replying to you, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you or I'm ignoring the plot. I probably just don't have the motivation or muse at that moment to get to it. I'd rather give you a good reply when i can than give you a half assed reply just because you want me to reply right away.
• Don't be afraid to come to me ooc about anything: questions, concerns, plot ideas etc..
• I'm here to have some fun, regardless. Don't kill my vibe please.
• I usually don't have pre-existing plots on my profile bc i prefer to plot with my rp partner so we can both get some ideas in. But don't be afraid to put out your own plot ideas.
• i don't usually accept friend requests unless i know you or we've rped together before. Or in some cases, if we're gonna do a pm rp and i need to friend you.
lvl 24
good vibes
max leone - cautious
my platonic soulmate
emily, emily, emily- we started becoming friends in april of 2018- and our friendship ran strong for a whole year and 3 months- you were my ride or die, my ryro, my moon. I loved you to pieces so when we had a falling out, i thought we were gone from each other's lives forever. But, in the late night hours of may 24th of 2020, you messaged me. You wanted to talk- that talk reconnected us and i couldn't be happier to have you back. Soulmates really do exist, both romantically and platonically. Welcome home, ryro <3