Personal Message
Dear unbothered
warning: don't open the box yet and read till the end :/  happy old day to you! jk you'll always be a bebi. a tol asf bebi- at least to me :/ i've no idea why I'm doing this when I'm but ded- here u go. a lame asf text, cause I ain't romantic bish like u. i love you. i like you. i adore you. i appreciate you. i sarang you. i suki you. ich liebe dich, schatzi. you know this already but as always i love to repeat myself. since the day we met, there's never been dull moment, since your unbothered days and my nabongs days. we clicked well too much and i loved that. i loved that a savage loyal bebi is actually my bff and mayhaps the love of my heart. you have been there for me for the entire time, during my emo whiny spoiled bebi time, despite our differences, but then we are mostly alike too. you bebi twin of mine, how i wish i met you earlier during uri young days cause ded look at us now, retiring from rpr already but then, never from each other snnsns and oh. never ever say you're a boring saram cause to me, ith never been no fun while talking to you. we can talk about dumb s everyday, binge-watching and i'd love them all. i think ith because you're my person fr. i don't have many friends but i know you're a legit one. just talking to you, even for once in a day already made my day. hm hm that's how important you are to me. don't talk to me just once talk cause else, i'd be missing you way too much. in 2021, and twenty four years oldie yeoja(ded- we are same aged now but still I'm older tho), i hope you will gain more and more happiness, more healthy and less lazy, gains more money for your chanels, figuring out what you wanted in life and pursue for it and I'm very sure, you gonna doing good even in trying new things cause you're hella good in everything, u big brain bebi. should've draw AND paint more too cause you're are that hella gREAT SOBS. and also, eat well in 2021 and don't stress out cause stress will make u gain more weight, even though i love your fluffy tummy u //// u. anyway, you're yeppeo, in anyway you are cause you got urself a yeppeo hearteu, which I adore so much. and hm hm. I'll be there for you always, as your friend, as your bongie, as your whatever you'd claim me ded I'll be your punching bag and rant dumpster and also loaf dumpster too <3 i can't wait to spend more days with you, growing old with you while still talking em dumb s like we always did ded. and again, happy birthday, baby boo. i love your existence and thanks for existing ❤ in my life. mianhae if this comes out as me confessing like a simp instead of birthday wish ded but then what's new hhh you're too pwecious not to be adore. i love you *inserts ur legit name here" eue!
and and i'm glad you was born UWU ♥ weeps while thanking nekomom from the bottom of my emo hearteu ;; okay. you can open the box now >< ♥ heh