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good words
⌘ kim myungsoo (aka eru-kun) 1 minute ago Reply
you don't always need spectacular vocabulary - beauty is in the eye of a beholder and it concerns writing also. you shouldn't put yours down just because someone uses elaborated metaphors while you go for simplicity. each person has their own writing style. if you love it, write. if you don't know fancy words, explore or describe something with these that you know, create new comparisons, structures or shapes. the pen is yours and you're the one writing the story. no one can judge you for what your writing claims as important to describe.




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yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery,
but today is a gift – that 
is why it is called the 

— oogway

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060117-xxxxxx365 Days of Songs

i sweet caroline ; neil diamond
ii pure alcohol ; ft. eun jiwon
iii have a nice day ; world order
iv "shia labeoug" live ; rob cantor
v sukla-krsne ; christopher tin
vi mobiUs strip ; sechskies
vii Rock the boat ; hues corporation
viii Mayday ; april
ix $ave dat money ; lil dicky

ix ft. fetty wap & rich Homie quan
x sleeping powder ; gorillaz
xi come ; jain
xii happy ; wjsn / cosmic girls
xiii America's suitehearts ; fall out boy
xiv Frappuccino ; J-walk
xv golem tower theme ; wizard101
xvi My heart will go on ; 

xvi recorder by candlelight
xvi By matt mulholland
xvii Godzilla 2014 main theme ; godzilla
xviii Candy ; h.o.t
xix Hobgoblin ; clc
xx Beep Beep ; girls' generation
xxi aze gag ; mamamoo
xxii Holiday ; bee gees
xxiii Ave Cesaria ; stromae
xxiv when we stand together ; nickelback
xxv Rollin' ; brave girls
xxvi Don't know you ; heize
xxvii archangels of the sephiroth ; stellar
xxviii The man ; The Killers
xxix Seoul ; Lee Hyori ft. Killagramz
xxx remember (Cover) ; Jung Joonyoung
xxxi Sali go dali go ; kim Jongmin
xxxii Genuine ; koyote
xxxiii Phantom of the Opera ;

xxxIII Royal philharmonic
xxxiv Don't tease me! ; speed
xxxv Margaritaville ; Jimmy Buffet
xxxvi San Francisco (Be sure to wear

xxxvi flowers in your hair) ;
xxxvi Scott McKenzie
xxxvii Hooked on a feeling ; blue swede
xxxviii Boys and girls ; zico ft. babylon
xxxix Red Flavor ; Red Velvet
xl New Rules ; Dua Lipa
xli Heyahe ; One
xlii I guess I loved you ; Yoon Do Hyun
xliii Gucci ; Jessi
xlix Groupie Love ; Lana del Rey

xlix ft. A$AP ROCKY
l As If It'S Your Last ; Blackpink
li This is How We Do ; Katy Perry
liii I love you ; Cha Taehyun
liv Boyfriend ; Big time rush

liv ft. Snoop Dogg
lv Rain ; KNK
lvi Bette Davis Eyes ; Kim Carnes
lvii What a Wonderful world ;

Lvii Louis Armstrong


060717Ultimate Ship (RN)

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i despise conflict.
the moment it starts, you're blocked.

I don't send friend requests.
(they make me anxious)

do not send a friend request for:
– pm roleplaying
– posting an advertisement
– wanting me to write your replies

– trying to start a fight

p.s. – no irl romance

don't try to guilt trip me bc
1. it doesn't work
2. you'll annoy the out of me

One comment on one random blog that you just happen to see with my username does not define me. just think before you assume that that text = my mind.

This site isn't so important. Remember that.

Real life always comes first, so i'm sorry if our characters are in a relationship or you just really like the roleplay we're doing. no amount of begging or alluding will get me to reply / make a move / whatever if i'm busy or just can't do it. Muse drops drastically if you try that with me.



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♚ Kim Jaeduck » FP
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♛ sunghoon » ×υтм [p]
Kim Jaeduck » ORENDA
Ⓓ Jung Jaewon » DC
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in danger of being left

all #single
jiwon x jinri @ [p]
jaeduck x logan @ fp

high muse: Eun jiwon
high muse: Jung Jaewon
high muse: girls for yuri

my roleplays

roleplays i co-admin
paradise // link


060717Da rules

3rd – para, semi, mirror
detailed 1st (rarely)
gmt-5 / eastern time

no one-liners
plotting is a must
don't poke until a week passes
(two weeks if on semi-hiatus)
sometimes my replies are slow
random starter = maybe

rules on ; no humiliation, no toilet play (anything that involves waste), no ex-treme & no electric play(?). Anything else may be fair game but please discuss it with me first.

My skills are

Kinks ; coming soon.
(change depending on character)


060717Uber cool(?) Scenarios

ghost of a chance
supernatural, angst, violence, blood

muses α and β are half-siblings with the same mother. the brother (muse α) has recently died in a hit and run, and his family (including his sister - muse β) are in mourning. a few days later muse α shows up in muse β's bedroom looking completely fine as he's become a ghost. however, the reason muse α has turned into a ghost is because he is a vengeful spirit and hates that his sister is dating an old friend. what muse β used to think was sibling affection is actually uous love from her brother (ooc: this is NOT romance) who now forcefully possesses her in an effort to break up the couple. eventually, their interaction reaches a when muse α is possessing muse β and tries to get her to jump from the school roof (but is unable as he can't kill anyone he possesses in such a way).

props for liar
fluff, romance, highschool!au, humor

muse α does tech for their local theater club while muse β is one of the club's main actors. when one of their productions is short on actors muse α gets roped into the role of dead body #4 (which is better than a position with lines seeing as they're at acting). the only "downside" is that muse β's character within the play has a sick attraction towards muse α's "dead body." this is cause for many embarrassments and possible close-calls as both muses α and β realize they might actually like each other.

drama, infidelity, (pos.) , angst

muse α has been best friends with muse β's significant other since they were kids, and while muse α loves their friend very much they end up developing feelings for muse β. even though they tried to keep it secret from everyone muse β ended up taking a chance, cornering muse α in an alley on their way home. muse α is weak to temptation and gives in to muse β's advances (of which they have secretly dreamed but never acted upon). for a short time muse α feels like they're walking on cloud nine before it really sinks in that this is their best friend's lover that they're with. whenever muse α tries to leave muse β is always convincing them to come right back - until it all falls apart. the plan is for muses α and β to stop seeing each other after muse β's lover finds them together. muse β is actually the one to leave muse α, which then causes muse α to become even more torn up over the matter than they already were. may lead into another plot called 'trauma.'

death of a bachelor (life)
humor, (pos. romance), thebachelor!au

muse α had jokingly asked their friend / semi-real manager to make them famous (as they're an artist trying to make it), but didn't expect them to actually go through with it, much less sign them up for matchmaking tv show. unfortunately for muse α, even after the mistake is made clear to the show's producers they're not allowed to back out and are forced to continue with the program. [ one of the themes i'd like to incorporate is muse α being a dif. gender from all the other contestants, but the same gender as the bachelor/ette - this would be a cause for tabloid drama as well as some other things. ] muse β (the bachelor/ette) is surprised to find muse α in the bunch but seems to welcome them easily. next ensues a series of episodes that may unfold a greater story between the two. extra stuff - muse α is in the final episode with one other candidate that muse β has to choose from? the show ends up getting cancelled midway and both muses α and β don't want to lose contact? muses α and β find out that fans of the show ship them and accidentally read some fanfiction that was sent in? etc. etc.








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