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☼ : eojin joo。 39 seconds ago Reply

i'll call you betty im rebbeca van bongs

⋆ chungha k。 2 minutes ago Reply

oh yes nabongs as classic Nay uwu

ෆ kim jennie. 5 hours ago Reply

lalisa manoban.06:53:42Reply
ෆ lee naeun. [A]12:53:19 PMReply
[chan: forgets to reply to me because i wrote more than one line
me: oh right it's kaibongs]

ෆ park chaeyoung. 25 seconds ago Reply

[] Wbk no one can rp Nayeon as good as Kaibongs :/ But thats just my opinion lol

ෆ lee naeun. [A] 28 seconds ago Reply

vBFvBUj.png ]

jennie k. 11 minutes ago Reply

sehun o. [A]09:25:18Reply
ooo kaibongs as kai: thy duck uwu soff soff
kaibongs as nay: a narcissist shdshdkshdsdhhl