About Me
hi, the name's annie and i'm 19 years old. i'm usually on rpr quite often, but i do take breaks once in a while, so if i disappear off the face of the site, i'm just taking a break for myself. i'm also a college student, so when the semester starts, i have to make my education my proiority which is why my replies will take longer, depending on my muse and time.
besides that, i love to write and rp, so you're welcome to randomly pm me a plot idea you have! below are my muses (chanyeol and minnie being my main) but i'm not limited to playing just them! i'm very flexible with /yuri/straight and i like many genres (my favorites are action, thriller, mystery, comedy, romance, & slice of life). i can rp as well, but please be at least 18 for me to do that with you. i don't rp any triggering plots, but we can incorporate them if anything. please do not poke me for replies unless it's been over a week. i will let you know if i've lost muse for our roleplay, and please let me know if you have too. 
other than that, i would love to make friends as well because i like chatting. if you feel the same way, feel free to chat with me! thank you for reading this long mess of a profile!
timezone: gmt -5
advertising is welcome on my wall! i always like checking out new rps, but please do not advertise nonau rps on my wall, mainly because i don't usually have a muse for them. aurps are my favorites, so feel free to advertise them!
pmrp's are open!