Personal Message
name martin
AGE 27~28
  pov: 1st detailed & 3rd pov para

It's a secret,but some of you might know who she is already
HI,nice to meet you guys.My name is Martin,a guy who live in a city full of stars,LA. I have many hobbies,reading,gaming,sports,movies,and music. I just enjoy reading once awhile,I have a lot of book collections. I love horror movies and action movies the most. As for gaming,I ike to play FPS,JRPG,MOBA,and SPG. Lastly,I really enjoy all kind of music.I really know how to use my free time when I have them.

I like to make friends,i mean if you are good to me,I will do the same to you.I do like some me times,like I don't lke to be disturb when I'm just too tired from work. I'm usually a happy person,but sometime when something is too much for me to handle i will become stressed and depress even.I do have some down times,and I don't like them one bit. I love to help people too,so if you are any way not feeling good,or having a bad day,you can always come to me for comfort,I'm a good listener.I can also be very quiet whenever I meet new people,but once we get along,I can be very talkative.
001 //I have a job too,so my life can be really hectic sometimes.
002 // I live in the timezone of gmt-7,so don't expcet me to reply to you when both of us are on the same time. 
003 // please no advertisement,if i want to join them i will find them myself,thank you 
004 // if I don't know you in rp,don't add me as friend,sorry. Oh and add me just to advertise  your rp,I will block you.
005 //  If block me I will do the same to you,and if you hurt my friends or anyone that I know,i will also block you.
007 //  I usually do 1st detailed and 3rd para,and I don't like one liners,it kills my muse for roleplaying. So please don't that to me. If you lost muse for the plot we have,please tell me.That way I don't have wait a thousand years for your replies. Thank you so much.
008 // I love angst,drama,slice of life,dark plots,but that doesn't mean I don't need fluff,cute,sweet,romantic plot. I  love them all.As long as the plot are interesting,I will love to give them a try. If you ever want to plot with me,just tell me,we can plot together.And I only do private roleplay,that means we create a place together and we plot there.I'm not a fan of PM roleplays,sorry for that. 
009 // I love people who have patiences,I don't like people who poke me when it's not even a week yet. If you do that,it will also kill me muse for the plot. So please keep that in mind. And if I haven't reply to you after a week,please tell me,so I will give you a more specific time when I will reply to you. You can do the same with me. 
010 // If you see me in chatroom,don't be afraid to talk to me,we can be friends.And when you see me,it doesn't mean I don't like you,I just want to be more active in the chatrooms,that's all. I will still say hi and talk to you. And we can be very close and become good friends~
011 // Lastly,let's all get along,and be friend with each other. Love you guys ♡♡♡