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// for Shame
jung hoseok. 8 seconds ago Reply
kali to anyone: i am sorry kali cant come to the phone rn 
why ? because he thiccdicc

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diphylleia was here.
hey aegi. its another love letter but this time its digital :o
i hope you dont mind me taking this teenie weenie little spot on your profile uwu
i know you love me so you wont take this off your profile uwu
i love you please dont remove this :o
actually i love kosmo more but i still love you.
dont be jealous of kosmo he did no wrong.
i just wanted to take over your profile so im putting this here.
it's like how dogs pee on places to mark their property. 
yeah, you can consider this as my pee :o
and you're mine :o
kosmo is mine as well :o
okay, im done i guess xD
love ya <3