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✕ half dead
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this is charlie juicy juice.
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✕ info
there really is nothing much to know about me. what you see is what you get, i'm pretty straightforward so i might come off as rude sometimes but idek, honestly, this is just a site so i don't get hung up on things here, i have a life to worry about and this is secondary. whenever i'm able to find time to be online, i'll come on, if not, i'll be off. 
if you want to add me, go ahead, but uh at least make sure we've spoken in rps before. even so, i might not remember your un but that's my bad, i have a pretty ty memory. 
a p.s, my reply speed is inconsistent and i don't check my wall posts often. so if i don't reply to you quick enough, i'm not ignoring you, don't get butthurt, give me time, i have work to do too. 
✕  precious keeps
from nocturn ; 24 dec : padlet
from satan mama (seventeentv) : padlet
✕ ad guidelines
1. nonaus, yush. crack? even better.
2. aus? sure. just no supernatural, hybrid ish ples. make sure it's human. no anime or cartoon ish either.
3. no / yuri only rps. straight only or all orientations. no only rps.
4. international rps are welcomed.
5.  if your rp is filled with addicts, you can  gtfo too, it kills my libido. 
6. detailed 1st / 3rd. mirror - paragraph. i can't do novellas rip.
✕ muses - hover. not ranked. 
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wow i liv appa