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this is charlie juicy juice.
info ; ad guidelines ; muses
✕ info
there really is nothing much to know about me. what you see is what you get, i'm pretty straightforward so i might come off as rude sometimes but idek, honestly, this is just a site so i don't get hung up on things here, i have a life to worry about and this is secondary, whenever i'm able to find time to be online, i'll come on, if not, i'll be off. 
if you want to add me, go ahead, but uh at least make sure we've spoken in rps before. even so, i might not remember your un but that's my bad, i have a pretty ty memory. 
with that aside, my reply speed is inconsistent and i don't check my wall posts often. so if i don't reply to you quick enough, i'm not ignoring you, don't get butthurt, give me time, i have work to do too. 
✕ ad guidelines
1. nonaus, yush. crack? even better.
2. aus? sure. just no supernatural, hybrid ish ples. make sure it's human. no anime or cartoon ish, idek, either.
3. no / yuri only rps. straight only or all orientations. no only rps.
4. internationals are welcomed.
5. if it's one of those cliquey rps then forget it, lmao, lesbehonest rpr is filled with cliques anyway. ( unless ofc i know you then uh ya why would you advertise on my wall, just bring me to yer rp ) if your rp is filled with addicts, you can  gtfo too, it kills my libido. 
6. detailed 1st / 3rd. mirror - paragraph. i can't do novellas rip.
7. don't come here telling me who to join as. my list of muses is pretty broad but i have like 3 muses i frequently rp as tbh; im jaebum, kim seokwoo and nam joohyuk. anyho pls, don't tell me who to rp as, i do what i want.
✕ muses - hover. not ranked. 
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park jisung 7 seconds ago Reply
yu barom 1 minute ago Reply
anothere sneke- khaliforsneke :D baromsneke, okstop.
omg why do that- ur tOL er than me- /clings to romrom hyung/

updates my un to kaliforsneke pmsl. yusnek
hissSssSS okno, control, lmao
i knoW sO iM scOoPinG yoU uP inSteAd 
rUNs to nEvErLanD wiTh jiSAENG

i gOt kicked tO narnia by parkchOhyun and nOw im getting taekn away tO neverland by kaliforhnia
who will kidnapped me to wonderland next.
shim euddeum 45 seconds ago Reply
img going to keep killing kaliforhnia's
jung soojung 2 minutes ago Reply
kali can u be my sugar daddy
₩joong kim 36 seconds ago Reply 
dongwoon son [A] 26 seconds ago Reply 
kali is actually juicy juice
choi yewon 1 minute ago Reply
jo sojin (sh) 2 minutes ago Reply
thus the good excuse to deny that. boi, i like you. you funny af. WHO CAN EVER HAVE THE HEART TO HATE YOU like you are way too likeable to be hated or disliked. wys wyd
pING U NOOT NOOOOOOOOOOT 5 minutes ago Reply
kali bro: what are rs
also kali bro: selfcest wincest
kwon minsik 46 seconds ago Reply 

jang naeri 46 seconds ago Reply 
any time kaliforhnia says 'yE BOI' i can't help but laugh
i don't know why it amuses me
kwon soonyoung [A] 47 seconds ago Reply 
kali bro, is handcuffes to kali bro what do yah mean which soul 
kaliforhnia x nocturn should stay as handcuffed bros 5ever okno
[ sh ] diana korkunova 17 seconds agoReply 
kaliforhnia out here writing a makjang drama
jongsuk 4 minutes ago Reply
but i'm going soft plus i might melt-
from my own heat, lmao. chokes.
aw. helps to fan you.
wow, i haven't heard this pun yet. good one.
is the guy me? cos i'm all right after seeing you. pmsl

swoons. Tae don't make me fall for you
jongsuk 27 seconds ago Reply
Hey taefu.
There's dumpling you should know about me.
You're my wonton and only and you are Sui Mai type.

exits the door
taeyeon ♚ [A] 27 seconds ago Reply
side eyes little tae

such a hoe
yura 13 seconds ago Reply
taehyung is a very dedicated gardener
he does a lot of hoeing
wendy [A] 3 minutes ago Reply
when you thought you was #1 in micro tae's heart
well fu kid
woobin 3 minutes ago Reply
taehyung be collecting parents
( h ) park jinyoung 1 minute ago Reply
tae is the king of blocking obnoxious peeps lmaooo
jeon somi 4 minutes ago Reply 
i missed kali :')
jeon somi - jeon cena jr [A] 48 seconds ago Reply 
' our room '

the cat's kimeow 16 seconds ago Reply
nods u w u danke ♡
kali bro just became a bed 
and I love beds
and I love kali bro
it makes sense doesn't it
pineapple vodka jimin 2 minutes ago Reply 
Tbvh the only rps I'd join are kalihoes rps
cole.s [A] 7 minutes ago Reply 
@froy d.ana [A] 11 seconds ago Reply 
tbh i started being fem around because of kali bro-hubs, no lie.
good change

let me freshen your air mingyu 1 minute agoReply
♄ nam joohyuk 1 second ago Reply 
♄ kim hyunwoo 1 second ago Reply 
♄ kim mingyu 1 second ago Reply 
♄ im jaebum 1 second ago Reply 
♄ christian yu 1 second ago Reply 
park chanyeol 7 seconds ago Reply 
rice doesn't flirt
he fights
kim mingyu [h] 34 seconds ago Reply
idk what name that me and bro should have
kaliturn makes me laugh- nocforhnia
jung wooseok 2 seconds ago Reply 
pap : 99% crack 1% an arsehole
jung eunwoo 21 seconds ago Reply 
m y so n do es a l ot of sports
his favorite sport: running away from his emotions
im changkyun [A] 11 seconds ago Reply 
pap : i don't wanna sleep
also pap : slepe
park chaeyoung [A] 46 seconds ago Reply
Be soft for me will ya okno jk
park chaeyoung [A] 37 seconds ago Reply
When kauli is being a yet is nice(??) At the same time
cole.s [A] 8 seconds ago Reply 
me, pretending to be my son: a y e i got commitment issues o /
shin sunyoung [A] 13 seconds ago Reply
camjun 1 second ago Reply 
Whos kalifornhia?

he's kalifornhia, yoU KNOW THE CITY IN US A
ariel 14 seconds ago Reply
Oh kalio
Your whole existence screams
park jimin [A] 1 minute ago Reply
Neighbor errrbody kno yo hoe
camjun 3 minutes ago Reply
Sees kalio dad
felix lee [A] 11 seconds ago Reply
you know what food i love the most?
kaliforhnia maki
chong tingyan 7 seconds ago Reply
so nocturn is kaliforhnia's bro
and hushlilac is kaliforhnia's wife

together we are bro-wife
jennie kim 13 seconds ago Reply
when kaliforhnia rps as all your faves i'm not crying yoU ARe i'M liViNG
im jaebum [A] 27 seconds ago Reply
kalibABY ILY
jeon jungkook。 17 seconds ago Reply
all it took was a glance at jaebum's username to get california girls playing through my head