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there's nothing for you to know, if you speak to me in rps, you'll know how i'm like. basically add me only if we've spoken in rps.

to advertise: check my muses first, it's unlikely i'll join if my muses are taken.
01: nonaus > aus
02: crack? sure fam, i'm a crackhead
03: i don't do supernatural, hybrid .
04: no /yuri only rps. straight only or all orientations.
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park jisung 7 seconds ago Reply

yu barom 1 minute ago Reply
anothere sneke- khaliforsneke :D baromsneke, okstop.
omg why do that- ur tOL er than me- /clings to romrom hyung/

updates my un to kaliforsneke pmsl. yusnek
hissSssSS okno, control, lmao
i knoW sO iM scOoPinG yoU uP inSteAd 
rUNs to nEvErLanD wiTh jiSAENG

i gOt kicked tO narnia by parkchOhyun and nOw im getting taekn away tO neverland by kaliforhnia
who will kidnapped me to wonderland next.

shim euddeum 45 seconds ago Reply
img going to keep killing kaliforhnia's

jung soojung 2 minutes ago Reply
kali can u be my sugar daddy

₩joong kim 36 seconds ago Reply 

dongwoon son [A] 26 seconds ago Reply 
kali is actually juicy juice

choi yewon 1 minute ago Reply

jo sojin (sh) 2 minutes ago Reply
thus the good excuse to deny that. boi, i like you. you funny af. WHO CAN EVER HAVE THE HEART TO HATE YOU like you are way too likeable to be hated or disliked. wys wyd

pING U NOOT NOOOOOOOOOOT 5 minutes ago Reply
kali bro: what are rs
also kali bro: selfcest wincest

kwon minsik 46 seconds ago Reply 


jang naeri 46 seconds ago Reply 
any time kaliforhnia says 'yE BOI' i can't help but laugh
i don't know why it amuses me

kwon soonyoung [A] 47 seconds ago Reply 
kali bro, is handcuffes to kali bro what do yah mean which soul 
kaliforhnia x nocturn should stay as handcuffed bros 5ever okno

[ sh ] diana korkunova 17 seconds agoReply 
kaliforhnia out here writing a makjang drama

jongsuk 4 minutes ago Reply
but i'm going soft plus i might melt-
from my own heat, lmao. chokes.
aw. helps to fan you.
wow, i haven't heard this pun yet. good one.
is the guy me? cos i'm all right after seeing you. pmsl

swoons. Tae don't make me fall for you

jongsuk 27 seconds ago Reply
Hey taefu.
There's dumpling you should know about me.
You're my wonton and only and you are Sui Mai type.

exits the door

taeyeon ♚ [A] 27 seconds ago Reply
side eyes little tae

such a hoe

yura 13 seconds ago Reply
taehyung is a very dedicated gardener
he does a lot of hoeing

wendy [A] 3 minutes ago Reply
when you thought you was #1 in micro tae's heart
well fu kid

woobin 3 minutes ago Reply
taehyung be collecting parents

( h ) park jinyoung 1 minute ago Reply
tae is the king of blocking obnoxious peeps lmaooo

jeon somi 4 minutes ago Reply 
i missed kali :')

jeon somi - jeon cena jr [A] 48 seconds ago Reply 
' our room '


the cat's kimeow 16 seconds ago Reply
nods u w u danke ♡
kali bro just became a bed 
and I love beds
and I love kali bro
it makes sense doesn't it

pineapple vodka jimin 2 minutes ago Reply 
Tbvh the only rps I'd join are kalihoes rps