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hello and welcome to my profile! my name is hiesuke and no that isn't my legal name (it will be soon) but you can call me hei, sei, or sukkie for short. 

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rules & Guildlines!

posted 1 day ago

rule one // no crack roleplays please, i am not a funny person. 

Rule two // i generally roleplay as : lee chae eun, chou tzuyu, jungkook, krystal, park hyungseok, park jungyoon, jungyeon, soi.

rule three // do not post an ad if there is an limit to or yuri. all orientations please.

rule four // the password is boy meets evil.


my characters!

posted 1 day ago

lee chaeeun as cabin boy @ medival tales rp [S]
jeon jungkook @ sin sity rp [S]
lee minhyuk (BTOB) as a @ snitch rp [s]
chaeeun as a maid/housekeeper @ hakuna tatas rp [s]
jeon jungkook as a gang member @ streets of seoul [s]
lee chaeeun as a hybrid @ ihbyrid [s]


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facts about me

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fact number one • i live with anxiety and depression, having them both isn't fun nor should be taken lightly. my anxiety level is higher than my depression, so there will be days where i won't reply because i hit an all time low but i will at least let you know during those rough times.

fact number two • I'm anti-social and emotionally stunned. yes, that's right. anit-social. meaning i only talk to people i feel comfortable and trust 100% and if you are one of those people then you guys are treasure to me. 

fact number three • I am the softest person you will ever met, and also i'm the biggest cry baby you'll see. so please be careful with what you say. 



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