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she doesn't mean to be a storm. a grown woman with a career, i don't have time for drama. don't expect me to play both sides; you'll know if i don't like you. i don't use this site for friends, i use it to rp, although friends are a perk. i enjoy getting to know the people behind the characters that mine interact with. that being said, don't latch on to me and not let me breathe, please. just because we're friends ooc, if you are in a rp i'm in, that does not guarantee our characters will get into a relationship, sorry. i base things off of chemistry. ask for my kkt if you want to talk further, i promise i'm a lot more kind than i may come off as at first, just gotta let these es know i'm not their high school gossip squad.

roleplaying requirements / ad rules. usually, i allow advertising on my wall. if i'm currently not, then it is probably because i'm busy, don't take it personally. if i am allowing ads, then feel free to post as long as they meet the following criteria. 

no only. my guys are always heteroual.
au preferred. i do join nonaus & semiaus, but i prefer to find those on my own.
no , slave, asylum, prison, gang, mafia, entertainment or aus. the exception is if you've done your research on each one and it's accurate.
i love anything based off of videogames, books, history, etc. feel free to advertise those.
internationals must be allowed. period.

femme muses. 
justine biticon. bang minah. park sojin. lee hyeri. nyane lebajoa. rihanna fenty. eiza gonzalez. park sooyoung. margot robbie. ana de armas. cindy kimberly.

masc muses.
sebastian stan. austin post. joji miller. kim hanbin. kim jinhwan. kim jiwon. bryan dechart. koo junhoe. michael b jordan. clive standen. jason momoa. theo rossi. zane holtz. edgar ramirez. jackson wang. garrett hedlund.

current rps.
ihybrid university ; as kim hanbin, park sooyoung, joji miller, and koo junhoe (inactive)
ex on the beach ; as sebastian stan, justine biticon, and brian imanuel (active)
rendezvous ; as austin post, joji miller, michael b jordan (semi-active)
sandbox ; sebastian stan (coming soon)

euphrosyne. sixthsense. caeldori. -lait-. xicewolf.
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