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ad rules.
01. no only. i play as hetero guys the majority of the time, hetero to lesbian girls the minority of the time. yuri rps are okay to advertise, but it's no guarantee i'll join.
02. au only, noncrack. if i want a nonau or crack rp, i'll find it myself. i don't like being advertised them because there are so many.
03. third pov or all pov. i'm literate most of the time.
04. no mafia/gang /master or asylum/prison aus. none of them are accurate. if i find one that i feel is accurate enough, i will join it myself.
05. do not advertise to me if your profile is friends only or you 'don't accept ads on your wall' lol. that's rude.
06. internationals must be accepted. if i'm not playing as an ikon boy, chances are i will be an international.
07. admins must be professional and polite. i hate when they're not.
08. rp can't be cliquey. i'm not going to compete for someone's attention i don't have time for that.
09. if your rp's not active, probably don't bother. unless it is brand new, in which case i might check it out.
10. if ikon's not available, chances are i won't join. however, you're welcome to advertise still.
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kim hanbin
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kim hanbin
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an au rper specializing in ikon.
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