Personal Message
gmt -7
hello! My name is Kait. I've
been roleplaying  for about
6 years now.  I love it a 
whole lot. I am a lesbian and
have a beautiful girlfriend
so sorry for any suiters. I'm 
overall new to rpr. so 
forgive me if I dont know
what to do. If you want 
to advertize know I prefer
au rps. Im highly dislexic 
so I'm sorry for the typos.
I like to do 1x1 pm  roleplays
so if you want to do that 
hit me up.  my male fc is 
almost always Taemin of 
shinee, but talk to me about
others and I might do them
the only boy groups I know
are Shinee and EXO. As for
female fc I can do hani, 
Wendy, hyuna, solar,  and 
hwasa. tbh I can play most
girls just askme! I only 
rp and Yuri sorry not
sorry. I like lit to semi lit
and 3rd person. if youre
intrested just let me know!
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