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hirai momo11:11:23 AMReply

jackson wang [A] 40 seconds ago Reply
How to say give me money in japanese though


yoo jeongyeon12:19:21 PMReply

i dont think i would be able to date someone like dae

park yuri9:54:24 PMReply

yes, you're a basic but I l*ve you :")

bang yongguk11:46:39 PMReply

you know what’s bueno though?
daehyun’s backhugs
he’s got a special ingredient that makes them five star

yoo shiah 54 seconds ago Reply 

i Am sMort 
dAe is mah role model

lalisa manoban [A]11:51:08 PMReply

I love how dae is tbh he's role model otl 

Like flirt and be sweet and hngh 

Then bicker and tease and be savage damn


yoo shiah11:54:00 PMReply

dae is my role model i aspire to be like him

jeon jungkook7:05:20 PMReply

oPpA 👉🏼👈🏼

yoo shiah [A] 13 seconds ago Reply

I'm used to you as dad oKay

jennie kim ʲᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉʳᵘᵇʸʲᵃᶰᵉ [A]4:39:10 PMReply

donewithyou is already better though so you can't be any better

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