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pictures from orange sekaii, she has amazing art, you should check it out!. i will be semi-active just want you guys to know, but will still be up to roleplay with you if you want. the following information for that will be stated on the "about me" part of my profile if you want to rp with me in our pm's just hit me up there. i mostly like boy groups. my mains are stray kids, ateez, seventeen (is more here atm), monsta x (is more here atm) and a soloist, wonho (is more here atm). feel free to pm me if you want to rp with one of my muses and don't forget to check the rules! (i warn you, almost all of my plots came from kdrama's that i've watched before)




likes: coffee, milktea, cats, books, au, , nonau (if have motivation), japanese music (atm), kpop, cpop (sometimes)


hobbies: listening to music, making bracelets, drawing, video editing, reading, watching movies


social media: twitter, instagram, youtube channel, tumblr, kkt (pm)


main bias list: joshua hong, choi jongho, kim seungmin, lee hoseok


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About Me
roleplay overview I do 3rd pov, paragraph. For my literate type I do any and it depends on my moods as well. I’m a one liner/semi-literate on ic rooms/ic chats. There are times where I go Literate as well. I usually semi-literate if I’m that tired after a long day. Although, I do go advanced literate whenever they’re AU’s. I advance literate sometimes on Non-AU’s too but not that much. I usually roleplay as a male muse if you noticed my muse list down below. My characters are homoual most of the time.
rule one ∷ since this will be on a non-joined roleplay like pm’s since I usually have my own set of rules whenever I join an rp. This time I will let any genre’s come across our roleplay. So, I welcome, romance, , au’s, fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, and non-au (only for a bit).
rule two ∷ my timezone is gmt +8. Don’t be sad that I wouldn’t reply back to you as fast as I could. I also have my own set of schedules outside of rpr as well. If I haven’t replied back to you after 5 days poke me. I don’t mind unless I told you something in advance. But if you poke me any lesser than that I will not reply back to you still quick.
rule three ∷ if you have an idea and then I added into it then you do the starter but if we used my plots and you added something into it then I’ll do the starter. Please use brackets to indicate something that you want to say in ooc when we’re rp-ing in my pm’s so I won’t get confused.
rule four ∷ Please inform me if you no longer have any muse for our rp or do you want to plot something new for our characters. It pains me to just wait for how long after 5 days hearing nothing about change of plot or anything like having less muse in our rp. I would understand if you told me that you have less muse or you’re busy that’s why you can’t continue but please avoid just leaving me off without a word or anything about our rp it just hurts a lot to wait for something.
rule five ∷ since I did mention that my characters are homoual, I’m actually not into mpreg and poly types of relationships. It just doesn’t go with me much. I’m more of a person who enjoys 1:1 kind of relationships than poly.
kinks ∷ ask me in pm if you wanna mix something with in our rp.
meow the secret boy( Joshua Hong ) cat!hybrid joshua / au / soft - you took in joshua as your pet cat which you found him around the streets trying to scavenge for food to eat in his cat form. he looked cold, hungry and skinny. having no place to stay you took care of him, fed him and gave him a place to stay. what you didn’t know was he’s actually a cat hybrid who can summon his cat like features (cat tail and ears) in his human form whenever he wants to and can turn into a human himself. just like taking care of him, he took care of you as well. but how would poor you react that joshua is a hybrid cat? are you still gonna take care of him under your wing or report him into the authorities for further experimentation? open / closed
blood moon hotel( Yoon Jeonghan ) dark au / herbalist! jeonghan / hotel manager! jeonghan - jeonghan used to be a very famous herbalist who is liked by many people because of healing a lot of his patients back in the year 1700. he lost a lot of his patients because he lost stock of materials for his medicine to help heal people which led him to desperately finding anything that he can mold into, poison berries, flowers, you name it. he became power hungry over money which led him to sell anything that he can make even to the point that it can kill someone. as punishment he spent his life being immortal and stayed as a hotel manager for the dead. you managed to cross his path during Halloween. you led the whole prank of dumping people using fake blood and garbage towards them and jeonghan happened to be one of your victims. he cursed you to see the dead that wonders around the earth, maybe lost souls that wonder around the streets or people who just died recently. he cursed you to be half dead and the only way to put your life back together was to work for him for 1 whole year until the curse would wear off. open / closed
100 years( yoon jeonghan ) au / prince! Jeonghan / time traveler! Jeonghan / soulmates au / romance - yoon jeonghan, a prince who is about to get married by a princess due to arranged marriage but he refused and fled the kingdom. the only thing that he has with him is himself, a couple of food from the kingdom's kitchen cupboards and a medallion. little did he knew that every time he used this medallion by the strike of 12 midnight during sundays he gets to travel forward in time to the present and vice versa. there he meets you, making you teach him a lot of things about the modern world, what's it like, what to do and not do. from this he doesn't want to go back to the kingdom and just stay in the modern timeline with you but he can't do that. If he doesn't go back every sunday he'll vanish and be forgotten in history. two souls of seperate timelines, each finding each other. open / closed
plot title ∷ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. open / closed
plot title ∷ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. open / closed
plot title ∷ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. open / closed
muse list *this does not scroll
joshua hong
yoon jeonghan
jeon wonwoo
yoo kihyun
choi jongho
choi bomin
cho seungyoun/woodz
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