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an n ye o n g. it's your local beverage, always high on caffeine, sleep is for the weak squad and bobbateas is my son, bobbatae is my dotter.
feel free to add me ; but only if we've spoken in rps. i'm friendly so go ahead, i don't bite - only thing is that i might stab you, okno.
as for rping preferences: dual pov, both detailed 1st & 3rd however, i prefer rping in 3rd. length varies from semi-para to paras, never novellas and i often try to mirror. i only rp male muses and i take awhile to reply otl. feel free to pm me if you would like a private rp. 
ad guidelines.
1. nonaus & aus are both fine but nothing non-human from aus ples. ie, no supernatural, hybrid ish.
2. crack is welcomed.
3. no only or yuri only rps. straight only or all orientations. i also rp males only.
4. no pure rps ples. if your rp is loaded with -crazed people then don't bother advertising too.
5. international rps are welcomed.
muses + hover. 
jung precious 14 seconds ago Reply
i saw the bobba trio 
yall are so c00l like daMn