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ohhhhhh god, so here goes just about the most embarrassing thing i've done all year. e u e;;; but if i've said it before and i'll say it again, bbu, you're worth every bit of it. sosooooooooo here we gooooo.

i hope you don't mind me calling you "mindy" here because, bbu girl, calling you your usernames just doesn't seem as organic. ;; it's your birthday today and honestly, you can't have a happy birthday without a sappy montage of "remember when..." i legit remember when and where we first met a n d talked. it was in melokies (+ 23408234 other usernames) rp, rich kid protection... squad? you were sehun there and i was taehyung. i remember you so vividly because honestly, the very first thought i had of you was " this sehun's so ing active". not that most sehun characters aren't, but god you were so... vivacious? your sehun was everywhere. greeting people, lightening up the chatrooms, musing beautiful plots. and i'll be honest, i've never ever been physically attracted to sehun ooc... like ever. but for a good goddamn minute, i really wanted your sehun. e u e;;; it was awkward, especially since you obvously weren't about that life. you were like this,,, butterfly, skirting so freely everywhere--- touching lives like flowers. pollenating and linking everyone together by the memories and moments dusting your feet. and though i wanted to be that flower you found your homage in, i never imagined it would be in this way.

we friendzoned each other so damn easily after that, good ing lord. i remember pming you, a little jealous of the thing you had with the jungkook there. but what was r e a l ly odd for me was that i couldn't tell just who i was jealous of anymore. for once, it wasn't about some ty vkook triumph. for once, there was this adorable, bubbly sehun that really truly captured my attention. we got off on a pretty shaky start there, but it all worked out. and though our characters never got together in t h a  t way, you and i made this silly, unshakable pact together. we forged a friendship that i honestly didn't forsee going t h i s far. you've always been so close to everyone, because who wouldn't adore you? intelligent, fun, witty... you're a light that draws people in--- the flickering flame that captures the moth. or some other poetic , i'm sorry i'm cringing at myself. but really, you've never known the effect you have on people bbu. ;; you're ing ethereal.

i didn't expect to cling to you like this but oHHhhhhhh boy did it happen. we stuck to each other like white on rice and oh look weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee time to scrolly scroll down to another section. e u e
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woo we  ee , god this is getting long. i'm not even sorry because man l o o k at all this s p a a a a  a ac  e e. ya s s ss s. it'd be ugly not to use it. and you know me, rambly and emo and ugly. and with someone as inspiring and adorable as you tbh there's just too much to say.

i hope it's obvious why i used vmin in this layout but just in case... it's us af, yo. not only are they the charries we most likely try to embody in rps,,, but vmin have this super complex relationship that just t o u c h e s all the goodness in this world. 

vmin are like soulmates. odd, i know, coming from a vkook shipper but here me out. soulmates in this deep, brotherly sense. they get each other, they come to each other at their weakest. they show every angle, every ugly side. like an eclipse, we try to allow others to see the light in us--- the side of us that doesn't give a (me) or the happiness that radiates (you). when in reality, it's a ing struggle, and we can't crawl to just anyone in our lowest moments. we deactivate, retreat to get that needed breather... and then we hit each other up. always.

you, mindy, have always been there. you've alwyas reached out when i doubted anyone would. you've always seemed to understand me. even when you might not agree with my thoughts, at least you take the time out to listen. we've got a good few states separating us, but really i feel so close to you sometimes. the words you tell me, the encouragement... sometimes those mean more than any hug i've ever received. the memes you send to drag me from my slump, the art you create (and are too humble to show off to the world... e n e). everything you do gives me such muse, such desire to step up and make you proud.

you're the jimin to my taehyung. the herp to my derp. the serendipity to my singularity. 

i can't code for goddamn , we all know this. it took all 4 years of my being on this site to finally understand how to code a box.. but this. this ing layout and all its grief that it gave me (god bless amir for slipping in to fix it for mobile purposes)... it was worth it. because i can't imagine giving you anything else on your 24th birthday than a -load of my time, love, and... uh... words. god i'm sorry, i swear it's almost over.

anyway, y e , this ugly baby's yours sweetness. ;; do with it what you will. you don't even have to use it tbh. i'm just happy to make it. i'll give you the source code for a blank copy later. originally, this was gonna be all so r t s of blues and calm serendipty vibes. idk how this turned into coffee shoppe vmin chaos but whatver, it's kinda cute ;; u ;;

please don't overwork yourself on your special day.

keep eating. kiss marik for me. stay true to y o u. work hard but never so much that you collapse. never forget that i'm just a call/text/kkt away. i love you so goddamn much, wow, am i just now saying this????

sparknotes version: you're my babu girl.

p.s for anyone reading this, please take the time to wish this sweet girl a happy birthday. and if you see this but you don't know this person, trust me... t r u s t m e. you won't regret getting to know her.

my cat queen.

my lil bro (sorry irl lil bro, it's not your day today).

my honeybae noodle.

hurt or offend her. send any of that her way. if i so much as catch wind of it, i'm ing done with you and i'll be sure to let you know it. you ain't to me if you make my girl cry.

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okay p h e w, that was a trip, now where was i? oh ye.

i didn't expect this to be a thing for a whole friggin year. not because of you, but because i knew how popular you are, how loved you are. i figured i'd be just t h a t person, who'd fade in the backdrop. but mindy, you have this inexplicable way of making everyone you meet feel loved and individualized. you give people your attention whenever you can offer it, and you stay loyal. if i could recall anyone who's ever given me that shaky feeling of " okay where the hell do we even stand now????", i'd like to say you're not one of them. i've always felt safe with you, always felt secure. you've told me time and time again how okay it was to break down, be weak, indulge in your flaws. you've made me embrace a humane part of myself that iv'e often times shoved down. while everyone else in my life was telling me to "fix" myself or "get it together", you taught me that things could be worse. that i ought to embrace what i am, how i am... but make the best of it. through your story--- through all the trials and tery you've been through--- you've made me want to do better. i've realized that i could never have a single, standing complaint. my life's a cake walk compared to what you've endured, but you walk out with such strength. everyday, you get up, go to work, chill with your fam... you adapt to the circumstances that hit you. you mold into those you meet. you dream and wonder and envision. and holy , if that in itself isn't the most admirable thing... you'll never believe me no matter how many times i say this, because you're just that humble... but mindy, you're a ing role model.
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