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hello, dyonut here. don't be shy to come and talk to me. i don't bite, well, not really. i'm a fairly nice person, i swear cross my heart and hope to die. heh. come hit me up on my wall or pm, doesn't matter. we can plot together for a pm rp, i don't mind. but i'm sort of busy these days, so please bear with me. do NOT poke me unnecessarily, i will legit flip because poking is hella annoying. ugh. if you think you can't be patient enough, then the exit is on the left thanks. my replies depend on what you can give me, so basically i mirror rp. but most of the time i do semi para 3rd pov. i usually rp as chanyeol these days. exo is my muse, along with several male actors like ji changwook, yoo seungho, kim woobin. i do straight as well as . one major pet peeve of mine: when the other party is clingy as . just. don't. and for 's sake, who the hell falls in love on first sight?? be realistic, i'm all yours then. any questions please do come to my wall or pm <3
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