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lee jihoon
username // pinwheel
You must erase your memories of me, I'm poison. I know I can't take it no more.
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Name: Lee Jihoon
Date of Birth: June 24 ( 23 )
Orientation: Panual
Occupation: Working full time
Timezone: GMT -5
Relationship Status: Single
Muse: 7/10
Availibility: 6/10
Circles - Post Malone
What Kind of Future - SVT's Woozi
Double Knot - Stray Kids
OOC Rules
001 // Due to working full-time, I don't have that much spare time on my hands. If I forget to reply, don't hesitate to poke me after a few days and I will do what I can to immediately reply to you.
002 // No ads, please - whether it'd be pm or wall.
003 // I don't like drama, I stay away from it as much as I can so kindly see yourself out if you're going to bring drama to me. I won't even bother replying to you.
004 // I'm not entirely the best at socializing lmao but don't hesitate to contact me to start up a random conversation. We can even talk on kkt if you prefer!
005 // I pretty much only have male muses at the moment since I'm not a GG stan.
Muses & Where To Find Them
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