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i will never leave you behind

in chara
in chara
quick info

name / pronouns:. willow / she/her

birthdate:. june 24 1996

zodiac sign:. cancer

occupation:. works part time

romantic orientation:. demiual

ual orientation:. panual

timezone:. gmt -5

hogwarts house:. gryffindor

mbti:. infp-t (mediator)

muses:. felix (main), bang chan, soonyoung

favorite groups:. skz (ult), svt, ateez, bts

loved ones:. 3racha, hypxrsomniac, -gonedays-, acuteassmess, lukhei, honeybuns, fr0mt34r5

a note from you

PeachyKoo [A] 1 hour ago gdi you are so good at making me soft T T i love you too sfm you little cutepatoot ♡

pumpkinking [A] 17 minutes ago you’re so cute :< thanks for being so patient with me my hearteu it’s yours unu

✧ jang wooyoung 。 [A] 5 minutes ago You're adorable, hon

❛ sam kiszka [A]12:09:34 AM ❛ jacob kiszka [A]12:09:27 AM 🥺🥺 stan Felix here

❛ jacob kiszka [A] 6 minutes ago gestures to my felIX
❛ jacob kiszka [A] 6 minutes ago stand up this angel
❛ jacob kiszka [A] 7 minutes ago Okay but who would DARe

daddysbabygirl [A] 28 minutes ago Babe you should know you're special to me tho ;; this is facts ( ˘ ³˘)♥

kumiho 2 minutes ago You're absolutely adorable.

nunchi 10 minutes ago here's a fun fact: i freakin' love you too ♡♡♡♡♡

insolence 10 minutes ago stumbled right in with no regrets whatsoever, this was so qyoot and y o u are so qyoot. ;;

prompto 1 minute ago why didn't people with 2020 vision warn us for this year

hypxrsomniac 1 hour ago and you = best soulmate ,, i spit facts ♡___♡ + no i love YOU more

hypxrsomniac 7:13am + you're my newest fav person too, i'm just- i love you?? like gosh let me appreciate you m o r e ♥️

hypxrsomniac Dec 11, 2020 5:16:03 /places a big phat smooch to your forehead/ pls know that i love you just as much and that you're forever the koala to my tree !! ♡

hypxrsomniac 7 minutes ago i nhales i love my soulmate so much
hypxrsomniac 7 minutes ago

son naeun. [A]2:59:55 AM lets just take a moment to appreciate felix/pacemaker's mere presence and how they're just immediately so lovable

hypxrsomniac 4:01am
i love you so ing much you dont know how much you mean to me 💕💗💓💖💞💗💝💕💗💝💓

deaddy 8 hours ago you're really so precious bby

hypxrsomniac 8 hours ago this is why i love you to b i t s i love you so damn much oh gosh just- thank YOU for existing < 3

hypxrsomniac 6:17am i saw the letter/song and i'm crying- you don't know how precious you are to me and i just want to say that i REALLY appreciate and adore you. i really do. you really brought colour and all the haphap things into my life and i just?? i really can't express how much you mean to me. you're literally someone special and my love for you won't ever change. you never fail to make my days so much brighter, so thank you, a lot ;; 💌💙💛💚🧡💜❤💞💝💗💖💕💓💘

meng jia2:24:07 PMReply pacemaker's chara: comes in me:;ab_channel=Paul4.0

meng jia2:26:39 PMReply pacemaker's chara: me:;ab_channel=NathanLorenz

gun atthaphan2:30:22 PMReply i keep reading your un as peacemaker
gun atthaphan2:31:18 PMReply your existence bring peace to the world

christopher bang. ᵇᵃⁿᵍᶜʰᵃⁿ4:04:15 AMReply felix's reply is more than chef's kiss and im smiling like an idiot but also wikihow to literate

christopher bang. ᵇᵃⁿᵍᶜʰᵃⁿ4:06:28 AMReply cups felix's cheeks and stares deeply into his eyes your. writing. amazing. me? love.

hypxrsomniac Jan 1, 2021 2:35:44 Reply History twiddles fingers ,,, i made you a lil something u///u hope you like it!

✧ lee siyeon [A] 29 minutes ago Reply han jisung 27 seconds ago Reply ✧ lee siyeon [A] 5 minutes ago Reply chris, i've seen you two in multiple places and it makes me coo. : < they are too whipped for each other uwu and it's so CUTE

hypxrsomniac 2:54am 1) you're my favourite person in this entire world, ilysm 2) you're so ing cute, ilysm 3) you're so sweet that i might get diabetes but who cares, ilysm 4) you're so lovely, if an angel were to exist in human form they'd be you, ilysm 5) you're so amazing and beautiful inside out, ilysm 6) have i mentioned you're so cute? anyway ilysm 7) you're so talented in writing and you're someone i look up to, ilysm 8) you're a chaotic dumbdumb but that's one of the qualities i love about you, ilysm 9) your creativity and mind in general is outstanding, ilysm 10) i love you so ing much to the moon and beyond, forever and always

a note from me

most of the time i am busy or preoccupied with other responsibilities that i have irl. working full time requires me being mostly unavailable during the weekdays. i will pop on, no worries, and i will be active but i won't be as active as i would be on the weekends (aka on my days off). so i apologize if i end up paying a specific attention to a certain character but i do promise i will be getting to the replies i owe soon. i am not ignoring anyone.


meraki felix lee [single]

imperial felix lee [single]

cosmic gays bang chan [married]

blueprint {private} bang chan [taken]

hot cocoa felix lee [taken]

back door felix lee [single]

my heart

name hypxrsomniac

date forever ♥

status soulmates

my precious squishy gumdrop. the tree to my koala. my cuddly wuddy precious baby bean. i love you to the moon and beyond. forever and always ♥

writer's info

nickname(s):. usce ultricies tristique lorem

timezone:. usce ultricies tristique lorem

writing style:. usce ultricies tristique lorem

writing length:. usce ultricies tristique lorem

activity:. usce ultricies tristique lorem

before you rp with me

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rping don'ts

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