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Hello There! I'm Kris. How Are You?

I'm a lovely little trans boy. But I identifiy as a gay man which means two things.
One! I don't do female characters. Two! I prefer .
Simple things right? Well please keep this in mind when advertising on my wall.
If you're here to roleplay with me then feel free to check below for the characters
that I like to play generally. I'll do my best to keep it updated. I am up to your any

other pairings though. As long as you keep me as the man then I have no
problem doing other pairings. If you have plots in mind please tell me.
Included below will be some plots as well, that I've thought about doing
but for whatever sreason I haven't had a chance to do so. Please Enjoy!




About Me

BANG YONGGUK He is a gangster who suffers from PTSD with events that happened in his childhood. The attacks happen randomly but that doesn't stop him from wanting to continue harassing men and women alike. He finds it hard to build trusting relationships with women due to events in his childhood. He can only sleep with them. Anything beyond that he can't even comprehend. Men its a different story.


[ angst, drama and / /STRAIGHT ]

ADACHI YUTO He is a rogue werewolf who only wants a pack to call his own, pups of his own and a loving mate. So far life hasn't been the kindest in that regard. He's overly kind so many take advantage of him. He just wants to look after his friends not the world. Is it too much to ask?

[ aboverse, romance, // /STRAIGHT ]

JUNG DAEHYUN He is a book store employee. He lives with his abusive mother cause he's afriad to be by himself. All his money goes to keep the house and everything in it there. He doesn't interact with people because she forbid it. He hardly speaks at all because she doesn't like to hear his voice. He gets especially uncomfortable with compliments. She told him he was ugly. She said...

[ angst, drama, romance// /STRAIGHT ]