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from : dad
mERRY CHRYSLER SON U HO (i will venmo u the money for ur milktea when i get rich ok) tIS ANOTHER CMAS FOR THE BOIS YE skKRt sKKrt sOn :DDD tis the season for us to eat some real food n get phat imcri c’: also man we with bets skksks :’D y r we liddis
from : the wife
fek you hubs!
i dont know why i said that but i felt like i had to say it
but hey there jeno my mans
e u e
i love you
thats it. i looooove you <3
heck, your ooc profile should have all my feelings in it but i still wanted to give you a candy gram 
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you've got mail, hubs !
Fr: Diphwife
Hey hubs! Guess who it is oMG YES IT'S ME YER ONE AND ONLY WIFE :D It was about time i updated my special message for you on wall so im here to put in another one uwu
I'll just get rid of the first one and copy and paste my message for you here xD

But new message:
I looooooove you :D
Really if you think unofficially, we've known each other for a year now (i think) so that means happy unofficial one year anniversary hubs :D
I cant believe it's been a year (i thiiink) knowing you! It feels like it's been years to be honest but damn it's only been ONE year :o
That's how close i feel to you uwuwuwu
But now that you have OFFICIALLY proposed to me (2019.11.23), we can have an official one year anniversary next year :D
Yaaay xD Im excited!
But anyhow, i love you hubs uwu thanks for putting up with me and my mass adopting of children. I cant help it everyone is just so cute :( and they all call me mama ; u ;
Again, i love you uwu

Old message:
AnNyEoNgHaSeYoLo! xD
diphylleia's aegi,
husbando, umma, and yakuza underling Makeitaegi iMnIdA.
diphylleia is love
diphylleia is life.
BbUiNg bBuInG xD
*eye smiles*
okno. hi Makeitmine~
nAeGa hyung, wifeu, aegi, yakuza ImNiDa! xD
this picky princess is taking over this aju smoll corner of yer profile.
hope you dont mind uwu
tee hee ♡
just here to tell you:
1. i l♡ve you xD
2. uwu
3. cOoS
4. spoil me :o
5. someone wife him up please

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