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bang chan / cai xukun / chen linong / jang dahye / jung jinhyeong** / kim bobby / kim chungha / kim heejeong / kim sunwoo / lin yanjun** / na jaemin / park jisung / park kyungri / wang linkai**, wang jackson / yan an / zhou rui** more tba. .. .

will likely join if available**

About Me
di•ver•tisse•ment :: a minor entertainment or diversion / like rpr
about the user — prefers third pov and plotting, but willing to write in detailed first script (using he/she pronouns) or detailed first (using first-person) if i am comfortable enough with the other rper. chemistry between characters must be established before romance or genres are pursued, because the chemistry is where my motivation and creativity to write replies stem. open to hetero and homoual love interests (includes yuri/). i'm a dom more often than not, (just not your basic/conventional one, you can take it or leave it). open to pmrp (the only requirement is literacy and motivation to write). i put in time/effort to produce quality replies, so i expect the same if you rp with me. if you can’t promise effort, interest, and quality, don’t even bother. // reply rate is at a moderate speed, please bear with me // lastly, don’t call my characters daddy. for other people, they may be into it, and i respect that—but i’m not into it. if you've read this far, thank you for your time. and have a nice day (´。• ᵕ •。`)