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oh sehun Dec 2, 2019 23:28:13 Reply History 

Of course. I love you most.

jung soojung10:38:24 PMReply

i feel like how Jennie talks, if she was really Jennie I wouldn't be super shocked lmaoooo

soojin s。 1 minute ago Reply

i like that i saw the word takis and instantly knew who jennie was

oh sehun 34 seconds ago Reply

bro jen honestly I gave you so much in the past 2 years (which you kinda deserved KSDNGSDG) but you grew a lot and beEEN growing and it makes me so haphap to see that and be with you while you at it keep ing grinding so I can proudly introduce you to my mom pls.

kim jungkook [A] 1 minute ago Reply

ilysm jennie!! i don't know everything about you obv but you've been thru so much from all the you've told me about!!! the fact that you're continuing to better yourself, take opportunities instead of caving into becoming nothing is sO AMAZING!!! i'm so happy to see u grow in many aspects

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