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aura: insanely flamboyant and containing a mix of
neon blue,
some purple glitter,
light rouge
and crimson

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STONERBOY | ❝ Make him vibe ❞
Hey there! Welcome to my profile! The name's Em, and all you need to know about moi is that i'm a very chill person to hang out with. Surprisingly I often share common interests and mindsets with people which in other words means we're going to get along wonderfully right off the bat. In addition, i'm quite friendly, so don't be shy if you want to be friends! Now, cross me the wrong way and i'll make sure you regret the choices you made. Need I say more? Of course I do, but here is when we move onto the roleplaing side of myself that comes with being a member of the rpr community. To put the following statements simply, they'll be bulleted.

+ The hours of my online availability vary these days so i'll most likely pop up out of nowhere and unexpectedly. Surprise!
+ Due to having fallen out of the kpop scene a few years ago, I no longer rp asian faceclaims. I've converted to channeling international muses only. Don't like it? Oh well, but I suggest you give them a chance. You don't know what you're missing out on ~
+ I'm a self paced roleplayer and therefore aren't called a sloth for nothing. Basically my replies will be slow and possibly selective depending on my mood. I'll do my best to respond to you asap. I don't purposely ignore nor forget, just whatevet you do, don't pressure me. I get overwhelmed rather easily and at that point you won't recieve a reply back.
+ I can do both 1st detailed and 3rd pov. The latter is rusty, though. Following that, I can engage in any genre except . That needs to happen on it's own.
+ Imo, this last bullet is pretty important. If you see any of my characters in a relationship with somebody; BACK OFF!! I will put you in your place so quick. What's mine is mine and what's my partner's is, well, theirs. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so don't even bother trying to claim something that isn't meant to be yours. I'm not afraid to be posessive, so go against this and I will throw your body into a river. < 3
Music, singing, reading, binging movies/tv, sleeping, animals, fangirling, video games, being obscene, shopping, travelling, doing personal research, theorizing/being philosophical, making moodboards, meditation, ramen, mint chocolate, red velvet
Spiders, syringes, heights, death, lack of motivation/ambition, brain fog, being misunderstood, s, goddamned thirsty hoes, tension
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• my soulmate
My beloved platonic (though romantic in character) soulmate. You know who you are and i'm sure you already know what is going to be written here. Ever since I met you I never felt more accepted, more loved and especially- more appreciated. I've also never felt more closer to anybody and once again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so genuine, loyal, understanding, caring, entertaining and... not so pure, but that's okay cause i'm not a full fledged saint, either. ha. You're my absolute sunshine who never fails to warm my soul and I hope my moonlit rays never cease to shine a light into yours. As you know, you mean a lot to me. You're truly one of a kind and together we're inseperable. If we ain't ridin', we're dying, right? Anyway, I love you and don't you ever forget that. Remember that YOU. ARE. LOVED. Dark days will come to pass and brighter days will always rise from the horizon. xoxo my bestest friend.