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yxgurt was here u w u




☼ : shiah yoo。01:49:35Reply
he's cute and nice and sweet and can either be omega or alpha which means he is a beta. he also writes really nice. u w u
☼ : shiah yoo。01:52:06Reply
i always ship moo x luke

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8 hours ago
≡ (nick)namEs to refer my by : poocas, poo. llavi (part of my name) use anyone you prefer.
  ***** this user is shy and uncertain about expressing neediness and might appear aloof but i honestly love all my babies and miss them so much. dang. 
≡ she/her. 95 liner. Sagittarius sun; Libra moon; Pisces ascending; Capricorn StelliUm. Intj. gmt+5:30. struggling student +preparing for civil service exaMs. panual.  feel free To chat with me.
◇ αvíd bl/Danmei rєαdєr (mo xiang tong xue is my religion), anime, music, aesthetics, and arts.
✧ rp guidelines

━  must be or all orientation. no straight only. 

━  Usually i rp malEs and they lean towards the sAme .

━ my characters are switch and i meant it. but they wouldn't just bend down and get submissive that easily. 

━ if you're looking for pwp,  the best time is to exit after reading this. isn't my main interest. 

━ i love character development and slow burn. the length of replies doesn't matter. 

━ patience Is virtue. rush me and I'll call off the thread. the second best time to exit would be this.

━ quality > quantity.  don't send me passages of a stagnant course of action where I'm burdened to move the thread forward.  it takes two to tango, so does for a satisfying rping experience.

━ Themes : abo, myths (Greek being My love), historical, psychological, dark (it includes things one might not be comfortable enough so ask), 

━ GuiltY pleasure :  , biting, cosplay, lace, denial, thigh ing, warming, temperature play, sensory deprivation, mirrors,  asphyxiation, barEbacking, degradation, collaring, consensual nonconsent,  Cross-dressing, Frotting, furry, impregnation, unifOrm (military tbvh), body wOrship --- idk what else to add.

━ DON'T S : any kind of time and play,  infant space. I'll add more when i remember.