Personal Message

Hi there. I'm new to this site, my friend dragged me here but I love her so I can't  just let her have all the fun here for herself.  Thankfully a friend made me this account and I'm very thankful for you -fairybread for making me the account here to be able to be with my crazy friend KoreanHeart. Forever I love you. 

Now considering my role-playing info

I will be open for anything but no naughty stuff okay...  I'm much more younger than my friend here. 

I will probably mirror everyone around here (will try my best)  until I get used to the place here.  

Feel free to friend me,  send me pms or even post on my wall.  I will try my best to respond to everyone. 

Finally...  Feel free to post ads as long as they are not ratted m.  

About Me

Yes I did steal this dp from Sandy but I love Chanyeol.  I will spam many photos of him later since he is my favourite giant boy ever.