Personal Message

Who are the BTS members to my main bts character? (makes more sense if you read my "About Me")

Jin: My dad

Jimin: my other dad

Jungkook: my best friend

Suga: my OPPA~~

Namjoon: my ex boyfriend

Jhope: my super cool brother

Taehyung: my classmate that has a crush on me also my roommate

About Me

Hi! I'm YandereARMY!!! Here are some things about me (and my main BTS character!!!)

About me irl--

Elliot Edwardson // female // 19 y.o. // homo flexible // short brown hair // big light blue eyes // 5'6"// 147 lbs // single pringle // artist // roleplayer // fanfiction writer // friendly // tsundere // yandere // usually wears tshirts and sweatpants

About my main bts character--

Piper Sterling // female// 18 y.o// biual // long black hair with bangs // ice blue eyes // 5'3"// 134 lbs// crush on Suga// writer// sweet// cute// innocent// dandere// usually wears cute dresses and rompers


I look forward to roleplaying with you!