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im nayeon6:23:39 PMReply

i love molani being fetuses 

she dont fight on being a dom xD


nam yoonsu [A]6:25:47 PMReply

today's fun fact: mola kinda dom


im nayeon6:27:14 PMReply

molani: im dom

me: k :)


nam yoonsu [A]6:28:59 PMReply

nobody :

mola : i'm dom ^^


lee chaeryeong6:28:47 PMReply

also molani in another rp: stutters and is a cootiepie


huang renjun6:30:41 PMReply

just yesterday

shin yuna 49 seconds ago Reply

r r r renjun o o oppa


miyauchi haruka 9 minutes ago Reply



nam yoonsu [A] 6 minutes ago Reply

nobody :

mola : i'm dom ^^


lee chaeryeong 5 minutes ago Reply

molani in another rp: g u l p s 

uhm y y y yes 

noona in law


jung jaehyun 5 minutes ago Reply

molani is law


yoo shiah ʸᵒᵒᵃ 11 seconds ago Reply 

molani ily you're so cute my heart explodes in uwus everytime  


yoo jeongyeon 1 minute ago Reply

now dats your new name FEK MULAN


jung wheein 1 minute ago Reply

you know despite u calling me rat all the time and roasting me and tryna own my lair i like u molani NNDNDDN mole,,  


yang yang [A] 1 minute ago Reply

mole and rat my 2 fav weirdos xDDD