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han jisung6:23:35 AMReply
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jung eunwoo [A]6:23:00 AMReply
kim hyunjin [h]9:22:50 PMReply
can i just say
i love user moderato with all my heart
she made me laugh so many times this week
probably more than i have the past month
☼ hwang yeji 1 minute ago Reply
moderato: that spiderman meme
more evil than mnet: admin moderato
k. hyewon [A] 31 seconds ago Reply 
big mod energy
s. naeun6:51:55 PMReply
mod calling you by your username is the equivalent of your mom calling you by your full name
l. yuna 8 seconds ago Reply 
f. sota12:32:38 PMReply
you see mode's problem is that she wants to rp her male bias but at the same time she doesn't bcs she wants to love that male bias yet she panics everytime
m. sana8:13:34 PMReply
h. sooyoung ʸᵛᵉˢ [A]11:13:03 PMReply
r. kyungjoo11:12:46 PMReply
♟ lee minho。 1 minute ago Reply
Soli's death list: 
moderato and her alter account egos
mod: guess what
everyone: you got hurt we know
l. eunsang [A] 1 second ago Reply 

mod, my parental figure thats ooc younger than me