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k. hyewon [A] 31 seconds ago Reply 
big mod energy
l. eunsang [A] 1 second ago Reply 
mod, my parental figure thats ooc younger than me
l. gahyeon [A] 57 seconds ago Reply 
mod and her shenanigans are always a highlight to the day
c. xiao [A] 11 minutes ago Reply 
in all honesty though talking to mod always makes my heart happy hence here being my home
l. minhyuk 6 seconds ago Reply 
also me @ mod in any form: ok notice me
han seungwoo. 8 minutes ago Reply
mod i'm in :heart: with u ♡________♡
✣ ╱ k. jongho ʳᵉᵈᵈ [A]9:00:15 PMReply

mod @ mod about mod: kinda sus if you ask me