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~Fly away, little butterfly~


Precious people:
Jisungie - Umma Hannie - Sammy - the Ayno to my Baron - my bby bean - Kyu

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Muses & Preferences
~ Stray Kids: Changbin, Minho;
~ ACE: Sehyoon, Donghun;
~ The Boyz: Jacob, Hwall, Q, New;
~ VAV: Baron, Lou, St. Van;
~ Seventeen: Wonwoo;
~ Itzy: Yeji;
~ Up10tion: Wooshin, Hwanhee, Sunyoul;
~ Dreamcatcher: Dami, Yoohyeon;
~ others: Yao Mingming;

- preferred but can do straight or yuri too, aus only, tba.
Roleplays & Character

~ Hosung, Wooyoung, Sehyoon & Hyunjoon // @Heaven On Earth // main admin
~ Sehyoon // @Take Me Higher // main admin
~ Jisung, Minhyuk, Yoohwan, Wonwoo & Wenhan // @Diamond Creed // main admin
Out of Character
~ 1st and 3rd pov possible
~ winging and plotting
~ sub role preferred atm
~ throw your triggering plot ideas at me :D
~ please poke if I haven't replied in a while but not after a day or something like that
~ no pm rps but maybe private rps, I don't know yet
~ I don't bite.. most of the time; don't call out to the b**** in me
names: Bin(nie), Joon(ie), Lina
age: early 97-liner aka 22
timezone: GMT+1
relationship status: uhhhhhhh welp ^^;
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