About Me
username: melancholic.
mood: ★☆☆☆☆
activity: ★☆☆☆☆
muse: ★☆☆☆☆
pov: 3rd or detailed 1st.
call me melancholic. my activity and muse tends to heavily fluctuate throughout the year, and i am online at random hours of the day. i typically mirror the other when writing, and i have a slight leniency towards winging over plotting. i like fluff and angst the most. poke me if i have not responded after a week, sometimes it slips my mind - i do not intentionally ignore anyone. if you lose muse while roleplaying with me, let me know. feel free to add me if we have interacted or roleplayed with one another. i will not respond to copy and paste wall messages. please keep drama away from me and acknowledge the border between in character and out of character. wall is cleared periodically.
male muses:
- ateez's park seonghwa*, jeong yunho*, choi san*, song mingi
- monsta x's lee hoseok*, chae hyungwon, im changkyun*
- wayv's xiao dejun
- seventeen's jeon wonwoo
- astro's lee dongmin, moon bin, park minhyuk

female muses:
- dreamcatcher's kim minji*, kim bora*, lee siyeon*, han dong, kim yoohyeon, lee yubin, lee gahyeon
- hinapia's kim minkyung, kang yaebin
- mamamoo's moon byulyi, jung wheein