About Me

one. he/they. grown. plot with me (friends only).

☆places i'm in
heartbeat (bangchan, vernon, hongjoong)
fuyu (s.coups)
purrsonality (s.coups, hongjoong)
midnight koi (s.coups)

☆ muses (hover)

☆ other biases:

☆ ooc:
-prefer privs to rps, longform to shortform, au to nonau.
-good vibes only - keep your ooc drama to yourself, i don't participate in it. we're here to have fun and stress less, after all.
-i don't write with anyone underage or with an underage fc, even innocent plots. please dont friend/message me if you're under 18.
-english is not my first language, so misspellings and misunderstandings may happen. feel free to correct me or talk if something bothered you. 
-my charas ≠ me. sometimes i make my charas brash or cold just to write from a different perspective. if my chara doesn't like you ic it doesn't mean anything about how i feel ooc. if our charas are dating that doesn't mean im interested in anything ooc. please don't misunderstand these things ♡