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kaylee . Renjun biased. Yeosang biased. 1995 liner. in love with ateez and nct
puzzle piece- nct dream
You’re my missing puzzle piece
Finally I solved it
You filled every piece of my heart
Even the scarred part of it to the fullest
And somehow, you’ve become my everything
My missing puzzle piecee.
About Me
My name is Kaylee Walter and I am from Denver, Colorado. I turn 25 on november 4th. i was originally known as springdayvmin/yeosangsponytail, but I movjed my account over. 

The main muse of mine is currently huang renjun. i sometimes do straight relationships, but that's only with my close friends. if i'm comfortable plotting with you, then we can plan a straight relationship. otherwise i do relationships. i haven't done yuri to say if i'm comfortable or not, hahah. I'm open for roleplaying in pms. reach out if you want to ^^

My Biases
june 24th, 2020
status / dating
the love of my life. maybe it hasn't been the longest, but I love this girl more than anything. she's the sung to my ren, haha. we met playing renjun and jisung, who started dating in a roleplay we're in together. but that relationship is what brought us close together. I love this girl so freaking much I can't even express it in words! she's so special to me and I would do absolutely anything for her. She's my first long distance relationship, my first girlfriend. But also the first person I have loved like this <3 Baby I love you <3 One day I will visit you I promise.