Personal Message

mod account - rps closed - thanks for giving us a shot!

if you're looking for a nonau that allows a bit more creative freedom (ie tweak your muse's personality info such as MBTI, likes/dislikes, hobbies, interests, quirks, habits), check out bookmarks! basically you are still a celebrity but you can change a few details so that you can think of more plots, and also to fit your muse better w/o needing to mix ooc and ic up. 

what you can expect from the rp:
- all orientations
- internationals allowed
- events & games centralised: lots of interactive events planned but we need more people to make them more fun
- semi literate, not compulsory to write but we encourage it!
- badges in the form of bookmarks to be earned! special stamps included!
- a base for all; to chat, meme, write, play, etc. we aim to cater to everything