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I love roleplaying, I'm always actively looking for a ZERO DRAMA place to hang out. If I leave the roleplay something is defiantly wrong. Either drama with characters that admin have ZERO control, or cliques. If not just not active enough for me. Please do not be scared to send me a DM to roleplay.

My roleplaying personality depends on my mood, usually, flirty and funny. If not serious and sarcastic. :D I have many many muses do not be afraid to advertise I might be interested :D ONLY for now.
27 years old
love roleplaying
IF I DON'T REPLY fast on the roleplays I am sorry. I am military and work keeps me busy.
  • Cross Academy - Ruki / T.O.P / Bangchan
  • Shiny Spuds - Kai
  • Honeycomb - Ten
  • LITH - Kwangmin
  • Love Story - Baekho
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