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writing rules
I honestly mirror your style of writing. depending on my muse I can do para-novella, (mainly for starters as I'm not the best at them) but every other post after that, I typically mimic what the other person writing with me has. I don't mind / yuri / or straight so feel free to message me with any plots you want with your desired muses! 
If you prefer to plot something over taking a plot that I have posted below, don't be afraid to let me know, I don't mind doing something else! 
reply spd & activity
My reply speed varies, sometimes I can be very quick and other times it may take 2-3 days to get a reply out of me, so keep that in mind. I reply to everything within the week the response was posted to me, so don't think i'm ignoring you if I am replying to something else that is giving me a little bit more muse at the moment. 
contributors(muse / tracker)
plot 001
title // break in
location // lorem ipsum
muse a violent ex breaks into their apartment and muse b is the police officer sent to investigate and they are so kind and understanding, and protective, and muse a hasn't this safe in a long time. they try to convence muse b to stay with them to keep them feeling safe.
plot 002
title // one night stand gone wrong
location // lorem ipsum
muse a has went to the bar in the hopes of finding someone to have a one night stand, and they find muse b, another person just as drunk as they are and are totally down for the one night stand. they go back to one of their places, and try to get the one night stand over with, except things go terribly wrong and muse a breaks down in front of muse b about their stress in their life. 
plot 003
title // midgnight visitor
location // lorem ipsum
muse a and muse b have only just became friends, muse b is up to strange antics all the time while muse a is trying to get used to muse b's sporadic lifestyle. one night muse b shows up at muse a's door in the middle of the night, saying they need help. muse a confused and concerned, takes a moment to realize that muse b is serious. 
plot 004
title // Arranged marriage
location // lorem ipsum
muse a and muse b are both of elite class, their parents being quite wealthy. wanting to combine their companies they thought the best thing to do was to set their children up for an arranged marriage. muse a is the 'bad-boy' type and muse a is the hopeless romantic, however they both know they won't want anything to do with each other. they make an agreement that they would get married but secretly see whomever they pleased. one day muse a calls up muse b crying because of something their partner had done to them. muse b is not happy. (i imagine this plot having a lot of angst) 
kink list
I'm really not specific with my kinks lmao i am really down with pretty much anything, but will freely let you know if i'm not comfortable with something. 
triggers & black list
I would say that my only trigger is r!pe plots. I don't like them and tend to steer away from them. if there is something else, just like the kinks i will let you know if there is something that I am uncomfortable with. things like this don't really come to my mind when I haven't really made certain plots that could potentially be triggering to me.